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Three Angels Field 30 Innings In Two Games

The Angels played 30 innings in two consecutive extra inning games in front of thinning home crowds. A miserable season in Anaheim was stretched out just that tortuously bit longer.

In Wednesday's 16 inning affair and Friday's 14 inning game, three Angels played all 30 innings in the field: Erick Aybar at shortstop, Alberto Callaspo at third base and Torii Hunter in the outfield, primarily in right field but the last three innings Friday in CF. Every position player on the roster got into both games with the exception of Brandon Wood and call-ups Hank Conger and Mark Trumbo, the last two still waiting to make their big league debuts and Wood wondering if he will ever have a major league at-bat again.

  • Hunter went 2 for 11 with two walks in the two games, but his big double on Wednesday set him up to score in the 16th.
  • Aybar went 3 for 10, with all of those hits coming on Friday.
  • Callaspo went 2 for 13 with a walk. His hesitant run home on a wild pitch was called out, sending Wednesday's game to extras.

The Angels were shutout for nine consecutive innings by Indians pitching on Wednesday and for seven by Mariners pitching on Friday. Both games were won by a 4-3 margin against some of the weakest teams in baseball. The Angels can no longer pretend that they have somehow avoided joining the miserable ranks of the worst of the worst.

Both games featured a Blown Save by Fernando Rodney, giving him five for the season. The assumption is that the Rangers will vote him a postseason share. Each game was won by an Angels reliever for his victory of the season, Matt Palmer on Wednesday, Rich Thompson on Friday.

What does all this extra baseball mean? Based on the low number of fans who stayed through the end of each game, it means an easier drive out of the Angel Stadium parking lot and not much else in a season that is, if not meaningless, of little sentimental value to anyone but the most easily entertained Angels fans.