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Tonight's Dodgers-Astros Lineups: Casey Blake Hits 3rd & Everyday Mitchell

Casey Blake is hitting third tonight, the first time in 328 games as a Dodger, and the first time since July 20, 2008, when he was with Cleveland. Russ Mitchell gets his third straight start for the Dodgers, at first base today with the left-handed J.A. Happ pitching for the Astros.

Here are tonight’s lineups, with the Astros’ lineup courtesy of Zachary Levine of the Houston Chronicle:

Furcal SS
Carroll 2B
Blake 3B
Ethier RF
Kemp CF
Johnson LF
Mitchell 1B
Barajas C
Kuroda P

Bourn CF
Keppinger 2B
Pence RF
Lee LF
Johnson 3B
Castro C
Sanchez SS
Wallace 1B
Happ P