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Galaxy Up Two - Nil At Halftime

The Galaxy have taken an early two goal lead on a 40’ goal by Todd Dunivant and a 46’ penalty kick by Landon Donovan. Not at the game, at home with ill family member, but trying to put the pieces of the story together. The shot chart is ridiculous, no chances for Real Madrid, while the Galaxy are just going bananas. It’s the aggressive, possession heavy Galaxy team we’ve seen these last few weeks without the early match breakdown that puts the Galaxy in a come from behind position all game. Too bad this one doesn’t count, is against a pre-season form opponent, and that opponent is lacking Kaka, but all that aside, this is brilliant.

The Dunivant goal came off a Landon Donovan corner, the ball mingled around the box for awhile until the defender slammed it home, a circumstance the Galaxy have been on the other end of a few times this last month. Ricketts has done a great job, denying Angel di Marta twice. The buzz from the stadium is that Omar Gonzalez has been fantastic, and this result definitely suggests a stellar performance from both Ricketts and Omar.