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Shane Victorino Breaks Up Kuroda's No-Hitter In The 8th Inning

Shane Victorino broke up Hiroki Kuroda’s no-hitter with a clean single to right field with one out in the eighth inning, breaking up Kuroda’s bid for a no-hitter.

Perhaps even more impressive than his mound performance, Hiroki Kuroda snapped a string at the plate in the bottom of the seventh. He was 0-for-45 while batting this season before depositing a pitch into center field for his first hit of the season.

This is the deepest into a game Kuroda that allowed no hits. He took a perfect game against the Braves into the eighth inning on July 7, 2008, but Mark Teixeira broke it up with a leadoff double. That was the only baserunner allowed on that night by Kuroda.