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Galaxy Down 1 - 0

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The stat has been repeated all week. The Galaxy are winless with giving up the first goal, and winless when trailing at half time.

They haven’t done much to try and change that fact. After a 12’ goal by Davy Arnaud of Kansas City, the Galaxy have managed a whopping total of 0 shots on goal. The Galaxy are leading the Wizards in attempts, 4 – 3, continuing another trend of dominating possession but having nothing to show for it.

Neither keeper has a save, with KC’s lone goal to only shot on goal. As one writer quipped to me during the cookie dash, their keeper could have been checking his facebook status on his iPhone and had the same result.

The Galaxy have had all the Corner attempts, 6 to Kansas City’s 0, while Kansas City has been fouling like a forgotten egg, 9 fouls to he Galaxy’s 5.

Edson Buddle hasn’t had a shot, while Mike Magee managed one. The Galaxy’s best attempt was a shot from Birchall outside the box that sailed high.

Now, onto the second half.