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Mike Napoli Working On A Heck Of A Day For Angels

Angels first baseman (today, and sometimes catcher) Mike Napoli is having a unique day at Angel Stadium of Anaheim today. In the first inning, Napoli hit an RBI double to left field off Jeff Niemann of the Rays, but Napoli’s day was just getting started.


In the third inning, Napoli came to bat with the bases loaded, and he launched another ball to left off Niemann, one that landed in the seats for a grand slam, giving Napoli a career high tying five RBI by just the third inning.


In the fourth inning, Napoli came to bat with the bases loaded again, and this time he worked Andy Sonnanstine for a walk, for Napoli’s sixth RBI of the day. Amazingly, Napoli batted with the bases loaded again in the fifth inning, his third straight inning batting with the bases loaded. However, this time Napoli fouled out to first base.


Don’t worry though, Napoli is due up third in the seventh inning, in a game the Angels lead 11-1. While he won’t bat with the bases loaded this time, there’s still time for him to inflict some more damage.