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Report: White Sox Plan To Claim Manny Ramirez

If the Dodgers do put Manny Ramirez on waivers at some point this week, reports have surfaced that he will not pass through unclaimed. Both Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports and Joe Cowley of the Chicago Sun-Times have cited major league sources that the White Sox would claim Ramirez if on waivers.

Per Rosenthal:

The White Sox, who pursued Ramirez before the non-waiver deadline, will claim him with the intention of acquiring him, according to a major-league source.

From Cowley, via Twitter:

“Ken Williams is pushing all his chips on getting Manny Ramirez,’’ – a major-league source.

According to the source, Williams thinks the addition of Manny would be a boost to the entire team.

In a somewhat amusing twist, if the White Sox acquire Ramirez, they will have three outfielders on their roster that the Dodgers are paying for years to come. The Dodgers are paying Juan Pierre through 2012, paying Ramirez through 2013, and paying Andruw Jones through 2014, either through deferred money are separate agreements upon their departure.