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Angels Call Up Outfielder Peter Bourjos From AAA

The Angels are dipping into the AAA hive, calling up outfielder Peter Bourjos, who's been earning accolades with the Salt Lake Bees while hitting six home runs last month. Bourjos had been at center field in Salt Lake, but put in some playing time at left field last week, where he'll presumably serve in Anaheim.

SBN's Angels community has been high on Bourjos lately, especially given his recent production at the plate:

Bourjos locks in like this every year, and you can actually see the underlying causes for the streak in his batted ball data: he pops out less and hits more line drives while racking up fewer K's. He's a streaky guy who's been a little slow to make adjustments in the past, but when he does... Watch out.

Needless to day, they're pretty happy with this latest development:

However much time he gets up here or how important he will be remains to be seen, but many Angel fans, including me, have been calling for this for days and seems that our demands have been met. In my opinion, it'll be better than crossing our fingers and hoping Juan Rivera catches a ball out there.

Bourjos will suit up first for the Angels on their Tuesday date with the Orioles.