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Dodgers Wearing Gloomy Grays On The Road

Heading into the All-Star break, the Dodgers won six of their last seven road games, and pulled their away record even, at 21-21. Since then, however, they have struggled mightily outside of Dodger Stadium, and it has greased the skids of their slide out of playoff contention.


With tonight’s loss to the Braves, the Dodgers have lost 12 of 14 road games since the break. In one-run contests during this stretch, the Dodgers are 0-6, including four final at-bat defeats. The bad news for the Dodgers, aside from being seven games out of a playoff spot, is that 25 of their final 46 games are on the road, including three more against the Braves this weekend.


I guess the upside is that they will get to be at home…in October.