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UCLA's Datone Jones Will Miss At Least Part Of 2010 Season

UCLA is down one very important piece of its defense, losing All-American DE and anointed starter Datone Jones to a broken foot for the forseeable future. Bruins Nation reacts:

I don't really need to go into how much we were looking forward to Jones. You all know how much we were all excited to see him play this coming season.
Honestly, looking at that chart, I don't see the need to shift to Nate Chandler to DE. I wonder why the coaches won't move up Holmes up the ladder and also give Owa a shot to break into the rotation.

And Coach Neuheisel's got a quote here that seems strangely familiar:

He took a step that caused a deal. He was wearing the same shoes that he always wears so it wasn't a shoe issue. It was just one of those freak things.

The Bruins do have a strange knack for freak practice injuries. Remember when Ben Olson hurt himself backing up from center a couple years ago? Is the field haunted? Can somebody check?