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Belisario Issue Remains A Mystery

Ronald Belisario was placed on the restricted list yesterday, but it seems that it wasn’t for disciplinary reasons, as was the case earlier this season when Belisario showed up to spring training 35 days late. Tony Jackson of ESPN Los Angeles has the details:

Belisario was activated on April 21 and apparently had been a model citizen from that point on.

“He hasn’t been an issue,” [manager Joe] Torre said. “No disciplinary stuff has gone on. He has been here for us every day.”

Paul Kinzer, Belisario’s Atlanta-based agent, wouldn’t elaborate beyond that.

“It’s just some personal problems, and he’s got some things he’s got to work through,” Kinzer said. “It’s just a lot of anxiety, and that is about all I want to say right now.”

Pressed on what he meant by the word “anxiety,” Kinzer declined to offer details.

Kinzer also said that Belisario was still in Los Angeles, but indicated the pitcher might be heading home to Venezuela at some point.

“Right now, he is [still in town], but we will have to see how things work out later,” Kinzer said. “Obviously, his family is in Venezuela. But we haven’t set up [any travel].”