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USC Now Walks A Thin Line

… In the offensive tackle position.

The departure of Seantrel Henderson has put a dent on USC’s offensive line, particularly in the left tackle position. With Matt Kalil manning the left tackle position and Kevin Graf and Butch Lewis to back him up if necessary, the USC football team’s depth at offensive tackle is now running on low.

Here is the depth chart on the offensive line from, projected starters for the 2010 season is highlighted:


Matt Kalil


Tyron Smith, Martin Coleman


Kevin Graf, Butch Lewis, Khaled Holmes, John Martinez, Zack Heberer


Kristofer O’Dowd, Abe Markowitz, Michael Reardon

Incoming freshman, Giovanni DiPoala, the now lone lineman signee of the 2010 class, will see plenty of playing time as a freshman as the risk of injuries could cripple the offensive line.

As the page turns on the Seantrel Henderson saga, USC fans can only groan at the news from Henderson’s delayed signing to his release from USC. Lane Kiffin and staff traveled to Minnesota twice to sway Henderson back to USC, but unfortunately, a change of heart by the lineman after the NCAA reports became public has Henderson searching for a new home.

It’s not over, yet, Trojan fans.

Henderson’s scholarship opens the door to a potential prospect that can still be signed for the 2010 class, of course, that prospect would have to enroll during the spring semester at USC to still be a part of the 2010 class. But with the recent commits, kicker Andre Heidari and long snapper Peter McBride declaring to enroll early, it’s fair to say that Kiffin and staff are more than capable of convincing prospects to enroll early.

USC signed only 17 prospects last year, therefore, did not reach the 25 scholarship limit for that particular class. The sanctions that hit USC reads that USC can only sign 15 players for the 2011-2013 classes, it doesn’t affect 2010.

While the Henderson news did sting USC fans, his departure also opens the door for potential prospects. Since Henderson was rated the No.1 offensive prospect according to, other top linemen did not feel comfortable having to play behind the 6-8, 325 pound specimen.

The opportunity to see time on the field more than less is intriguing news for prospects, and playing at a school such as USC no less.