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USC Still Waiting On Top Recruit Seantrel Henderson

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Seantrel Henderson, the 6-foot-8, 350-pound offensive lineman who was a top recruit of Lane Kiffin's first class at USC, has yet to report to the Trojans. Henderson, who signed his letter of intent late because of concerns over pending sanctions against USC, is said to be considering other colleges. Last week, Gary Klein of the Los Angeles Times described the situation the Trojans find themselves in:

On Thursday, Coach Lane Kiffin described how USC was having to "basically re-recruit" Henderson but expressed confidence the player would eventually join the Trojans.

"Sometimes I think I know his main concern and then it seems to change the next day," Kiffin said. "Every other freshman has got here when they were supposed to and is sticking with it."

NCAA rules require players to sit out a season if they are not released by the school that signed them. Last year, with controversy swirling about its basketball program, USC granted releases to three basketball recruits.

Over the holiday weekend, Henderson was seen in Miami, Florida, possibly considering the Hurricanes over USC. Charley Walters of the Pioneer Press reported there might be a way for Henderson might find a way to not have to sit out a season:

Henderson would have to be released from his tender by USC to be eligible to play elsewhere next season. Evidence exists that USC coach Lane Kiffin assured Henderson there would be no major penalties for football, and that could be used in a waiver request to leave USC.