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All-Star Rosters Announced Today

At 9 a.m. this morning, rosters will be announced for this year’s All-Star game in Anaheim on July 13. The only expected starter for either the Dodgers or Angels is Andre Ethier, who was in third place in fan balloting as of last week.


Here is a list of Dodgers outfielders to start an All-Star Game:
↵Joe Medwick⇥1940
↵Pete Reiser⇥1941
↵Joe Medwick⇥1942
↵Pete Reiser⇥1942
↵Augie Galan⇥1944
↵Dixie Walker⇥1944
↵Dixie Walker⇥1946
↵Dixie Walker⇥1947
↵Jackie Robinson⇥1954
↵Duke Snider⇥1954
↵Duke Snider⇥1955
↵Wally Moon⇥1959
↵Wally Moon⇥1959
↵Tommy Davis⇥1962
↵Tommy Davis⇥1962
↵Tommy Davis⇥1963
↵Jimmy Wynn⇥1974
↵Jimmy Wynn⇥1975
↵Rick Monday⇥1978
↵Reggie Smith⇥1980


Darryl Strawberry was voted a starter in 1991, but was injured and did not play.