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Galaxy Trail 2-0 At Half

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So far, this game has felt much like last week's game. The Galaxy are dominating the possession, getting fouls and corners, and doing everything to push forward. Yet they have nothing to show for it on the scoreboard. The Galaxy have 11 shots to Puerto Rico’s 6, but only 3 have been on goal. All but one of Puerto Rico’s shots have been on target. Saunders has saved more than he’s let in, barely, but maybe it wasn’t the best idea to sit Donovan Ricketts for this one.

Meanwhile, Puerto Rico has managed to scored two goals where guys were given room to work in the box: The first, an unassisted goal when a corner kick rebounded landed right in front of an unmarked David Foley, and the second just before half when Nicolas Addlery received a long pass from Scott Jones in the box.

Hopefully things turn around in the second half, but so far this looks like a Galaxy team playing in front of a half capacity crowd, and a Puerto Rican team which came from the Caribbean for this.