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Ronaldinho Ready To Remain Rossoneri

Yesterday, A.C. Milan Vice President Adriano Galliani went on record saying that he expected Ronaldinho to remain with the Red and Black, at least through next season. Per ESPN:

"He's a Milan player. Milan don't want to sell him and he has never asked to be sold," Galliani told "He will remain at Milan for at least next season, but I hope for a lot longer than that."

"It's true Galaxy are interested in him. After David Beckham, they want another star but Galaxy will have to wait for many more years."

Sky Sport 24 is now reporting that an agreement has been reached, between Galliani and Ronaldinho's agent, to keep the player in Italy through the 2010-2011 season. 

As for Beckham, Ronaldinho's teammate with A.C. Milan, he's still due to return to the Los Angeles Galaxy, but over the weekend, rumors surfaced that West Ham United were interested in his services. To take anything from Galiani's comments with respect to Beckham's future, would be conjecture. 

Ronaldinho was also included in those rumors, as West Ham looks to make a marquee signing to help them land London's Olympic Stadium after the 2012 Olympic Games. Were Beckham to sign with West Ham, Olympic Stadium could be "The House that Beckham Renovated at a Lower Capacity".