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Pat Corbin Analysis

The Dan Haren trade netted Arizona a rising star of the Angels minor league system. Preseason, Ryan Ghan, the minor league analyst for SBN’s Angels blog Halos Heaven, ranked pitcher Pat Corbin as the #22 Angels prospect.

A highlight from that link:

Win-the-Lottery-Ceiling: Corbin has the potential to package a plus fastball with Joe Saunders-caliber offspeed stuff and groundball tendencies. With three promising pitches, he profiles as a mid to back of the rotation starter down the road, but is still a long, long ways away.

In a recent Halos Heaven midseason revisiting of his preseason rankings, rghan had praise for Corbin:

Corbin is currently the ace of the Rancho Cucamonga staff. His stuff is intriguing: he has a high 80's to low 90's fastball, a slurvy breaking ball, and the makings of a superb change-up. He's a very good athlete, and his ability to maintain his command - by "fixing himself on the go," according to Abe Flores - could set him apart as a mid rotation candidate down the road. Best of all, he's still listed as 6'3", 165 lbs, so he has plenty more projection left in him. He turned 21 while pitching a rare stinker Monday night.