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Callaspo Reunites With Aybar, Anaheim Hot Dog Sales Plummet

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The Angels may have acquired an infield bat with their trade for Alberto Callaspo today, but hot dog sales in the city of Anaheim may decline sharply as a result.

Callaspo and Angels shortstop Erick Aybar were teenagers on the 2002 Provo Angels, and teammates with pitcher Matt McCarthy, who wrote a book, Odd Man Out: A Year On The Mound With A Minor League Misfit in 2009 about his one year in the minors.

McCarthy described the events of "Weenie Wednesday," a hot dog giveaway at the stadium. The team was given 50 hot dogs in the clubhouse, and that’s when the naked duo of Callaspo and Aybar had some locker room fun:

Suddenly Callaspo took one of the hot dogs out of its bun and deep-throated it. Then he took the bun and put it around Aybar’s flaccid penis and poured ketchup on it. Jaws dropped–Aybar was a willing participant. Then Callaspo bent over and pretended to eat the Dominican penis hot dog. When he did that, we all screamed "Noooo!"

Looking over the Angels promotional schedule, there are no discount hot dog nights for the remainder of this season, and that might be for the best.