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Clippers Meeting With LeBron Lasts An Hour

The Clippers followed the Miami Heat in meeting with LeBron James Friday. The Clippers sent a small contingent, without owner Donald Sterling, per Brian Windhorst of the Cleveland Plain Dealer:

Clippers exec Andy Roesner & GM Neil Olshey were Clippers entire delegation. Roesner joked with Heat that they’d be brief.

Mark Jones of ESPN reported the following:

Clippers reportedly spent less than an hour making their pitch to Lebron.Was told they’re selling Davis,Griffin and Asain market exposure.

After the meeting, the Clippers released a statement, per Eric Pincus of Hoops World:

“We’re not going to go into any details about the meeting’s specifics. But it was our goal to present tangible and very obvious reasons as to why we think LeBron choosing our organization is his best option: we clearly have the best team already in place for him to join, we have the best city, the best arena, the best practice facility – overall the best situation.”

Perhaps in a way to manage expectations this offseason, Olshey added this piece of good news:

“No matter what, we’re getting at least one great new player this summer: his name is Blake Griffin.”