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Broxton Unavailable Tonight; Might Be Tomorrow, Too

After throwing 44 pitches on Sunday against the Cardinals, it is no surprise that Jonathan Broxton won’t be called upon tonight by manager Joe Torre. Per Jimmy Bramlett of LAist:

Broxton definitely out tonight and most likely not pitching tomorrow.

Bramlett also reported that outfielder Reed Johnson is not likely to be activated from the disabled list on Saturday when he is first eligible:

As for Reed Johnson, "we’re probably a little ways away with him," Torre said. "We’ll probably going to have to rehab him a little bit. Chances are he probably won’t reach Saturday which is the day is eligible [to come off the 15-day disabled list.]"

In other news, George Sherrill has cleared waivers, writes Tony Jackson of ESPN Los Angeles, but doesn’t appear to be headed anywhere anytime soon:

“George Sherrill doesn’t have a situation,” Dodgers manager Joe Torre said when asked about Sherrill’s situation before Monday night’s game with the San Francisco Giants. “He is still in our bullpen.”

Because he has over five years of major league service time, Sherrill must consent to any minor league assignment.