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NCAA Transfer Loophole Could Put USC Upperclassmen In Bowl Games

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The NCAA transfer rules applying to a USC program under sanctions could theoretically allow for players to transfer after the fall semester and play a postseason game at another school.

Schools licking your chops with the thought of taking a penalty-free swing at USC's talent ranks, rejoice: The NCAA bylaws standing between you and the Trojans have been outlined, and are easily obeyed, requiring notification -- but not permission -- of any attempts to pry upperclassmen away:

The former bylaw states that it is not necessary for opposing schools to obtain written permission to recruit USC seniors or juniors but must notify USC of their recruitment. The latter bylaw, specifically subsection C, states that USC juniors or seniors may transfer "during all of the remaining seasons of the student-athlete's eligibility."

It's that second one that really piques our attention. On the off chance that there are any fence-straddling rising juniors being coaxed to stay, they'll probably have to be closely shepherded through the next offseason as well. Where it gets really interesting, however, is the possibility for postseason hilarity in the NCAA timeline, which doesn't come with a hard and fast deadline:

Players have until September 10th to drop a class at USC and withdraw from school. Players would have to register for classes at the institution they are transferring to, which can be as late as October for schools on the quarter system. Players could also possibly compete for USC during the regular season and, after finishing the semester, transfer in time to participate in a bowl game for another school.

All school allegiances aside, how much fun would that be? If I were a senior I'd go anywhere that would take me once school was done -- hell, hit up whoever's looking likely to lock down an Independence Bowl bid, just for the story.  This is all on the bare edge of plausible, of course, but the idea of Mitch Mustain returning to punt for Arkansas in the Sugar Bowl or something is certainly entertaining to contemplate.