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Angels, Dodgers Among Limited Teams Back In Action Thursday

The All-Star Game provides a nice midseason respite from the daily grind, a chance to unwind after a long first half of the season. However, it also provides arguably the worst sports day of the season.


The Wednesday after the All-Star Game is simply a day without sports. When the options are watching the Triple A All-Star Game or to watch a meaningless sports awards show, the love for baseball moves back to the forefront and the need for the daily grind comes roaring back.


That makes today weird to me. Only 14 of 30 MLB teams are back in action today, the remainder getting an extra day of rest but depriving their fan bases of a chance to watch their teams after three days off. Luckily, both the Angels and Dodgers are playing today, which means its back to normal, and that’s just fine with me.