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National League Gets First All-Star Win Since 1996

The National League won the All-Star Game 3-1 on Tuesday night, its first win in the midsummer classic in 14 seasons. Jonathan Broxton of the Dodgers picked up the save in the ninth inning, with an assist from Marlon Byrd of the Cubs.

With one out in the ninth inning and David Ortiz running from first base, John Buck lofted a would-be single to short right field that was almost caught by Byrd, who whirled and fired to Rafael Furcal at second base to force out the slow-footed Ortiz. At that point the American League had only Alex Rodriguez left on the bench, so no pinch runner was brought in to replace Ortiz. Broxton retired Ian Kinsler to finish the game, collecting the first save by a Dodger in an All-Star Game since Jim Brewer in 1973.

Andre Ethier started in center field, later moved to right field, and played six innings in the field and collected a single in two at-bats. Furcal walked in his only plate appearance.

Hong-Chih Kuo was on the hook for a while, giving up a run in the fifth without the benefit of a hit, aided by a walk and a horrible throw by Kuo to first base. But Brian McCann of the Braves hit a three-run double in the seventh inning to give the National League the lead.

Torii Hunter of the Angels went hitless in two at-bats.

The National League will now have home field in the World Series.