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Bobby Ryan Declines Five Year, $25 Million Offer

Right winger Bobby Ryan, the Ducks leading scorer last season with 35 goals, turned down a five-year, $25 million deal, per club Vice President / General Manager Bob Murray in a press conference Thursday:

We increased our offer yesterday on Bobby Ryan. We went to five years at $5 million a year. I’m thinking after what I heard him say last week that that would be very close. We also offered a four-year deal at a lower number and they flat out turned that down as quick as you can say it.

Asked if there would be more talks with Ryan, Murray said there wouldn’t be anytime soon:

Not in the foreseeable future from my standpoint. As I said before, I offered Bobby Ryan five years at $5 million yesterday. He said no quickly. I offered him a four-year deal, he said no quickly. Basically, that situation is nowhere. As you recall, Bobby stated that he would like to be just under Getzlaf and Perry. Well, five at five is just under those guys.

Arthur from Anaheim Calling analyzed the negotiations with Ryan:

So what’s the thinking here? For Bobby, he’s dealing with a 5.325M ceiling in Anaheim (established by Getzlaf), and a four year contract would take him to the ripe age of 27 and his first crack at unrestricted free agency. For the Ducks, they’d like to either give him a contract comparable to Getzlaf and Perry’s and get an extra year of otherwise UFA time out of him or, if they have to take him directly to UFA status, get a reduced price.

Bobby could explore offer sheets, of course, and try to get 4 yrs/20M from another team, but I don’t know how many teams would be willing to play Bobby’s negotiator and make an offer that will just be matched. Of course, an offer like 4 yrs/25M becomes multiple first round picks and increases the chances you take Ryan home, but does anyone have that to spend?