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Angels-Rangers Matchups Bring Out The Best In Vlad

Ever since he signed with the Angels in 2004, Vladimir Guerrero always seemed at his best when facing the Rangers. In 102 games against Texas as an Angel, Guerrero hit .396 with 24 home runs, with a .461 on-base percentage and .666 slugging percentage. He even had a 44-game hitting streak against Texas at one point.


Guerrero has continued his hot hitting in Angels-Rangers games this season, albeit now from the opposite dugout. He has three home runs in the first two games of this series in Anaheim, and is hitting a robust .625 in four games against the Angels this season, with two doubles, four home runs and nine runs batted in.


Here are Guerrero’s numbers in games featuring the Rangers and Angels:


106 games
↵35 doubles
↵28 home runs
↵79 runs scored
↵77 RBI
↵.405 batting average
↵.466 on-base percentage
↵.699 slugging percentage
↵1.165 OPS