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Rule 5 Draft: Angels 40-Man Roster Content At 39

At the end of the day on November 19, any Angels player who signed with the club before December of 2007 has to be on the 40-Man Roster or is eligible for the Rule 5 draft. This draft takes place at the conclusion of the Winter Meetings and allows minor leaguers on the bubble to gain new life in the major leagues with a new club.

In preparation for this date, the Angels still have a slot remaining, with their 40-Man roster holding tight at 39 players. Earlier this month pitcher Bobby Mosebach was removed from the roster when he was outrighted to the minors. He was replaced on the roster by pitcher Ysmael Carmona. The Angels also activated Chris Pettit and Kendry Morales from their stays on the 60-Day disabled list.

In the December 2008 draft, the Phillies drafted Mosebach from the Angels, but returned him before the season began.

While this is the sum total of their moves so far, it may not be the end of their activity. 2010 saw injuries to two former top prospects Anthony Orega and Freddy Sandoval. These two would be the most likely outrighting candidates if a current eligible Angels minor league player is seen as a risk of being drafted away in December. In addition to Carmona, Loek Van Mil, the bounty in August's Brian Fuentes trade to the Twins, is the only member of the team's 40-Man Roster who has not played in the major leagues.

With nine players facing arbitration hearings and five catchers taking roster spots, the current group of 39 might not change much before Friday's deadline, but they will likely be quite different on the date of the next great roster firming up: Opening Day.