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College Football Rankings: USC A Lock To Rejoin AP Poll Top 25

The college football polls won't be released until Sunday morning, but the USC Trojans are a lock to rejoin the Associated Press top 25 after their 24-21 win at No. 18 Arizona on Saturday night. In last week's AP poll, the only poll for which USC is eligible this season, the Trojans were ranked 26th, 23 points out of the top 25. Saturday's games featured the following losses by AP ranked teams:

  • No. 13 Iowa lost 21-17 at Northwestern
  • No. 15 Utah lost 28-3 at Notre Dame
  • No. 17 Mississippi St lose 30-10 at No. 11 Alabama
  • No. 24 Florida lost 36-14 at home to No. 22 South Carolina
  • No. 25 Central Florida lost 31-21 at home to Mississippi

Expect USC to pass at least Central Florida and Florida, and given that Utah has suffered consecutive embarrassing losses by a combined score of 75-10, it wouldn't surprise me to see the Utes drop out of the top 25 all together. That would put USC at No. 23, or maybe even 22 if they pass Arizona, who was ranked No. 18 before Saturday's loss to the Trojans. This will be the sixth time in 12 weeks that USC has been ranked in the AP top 25 this season:

Week USC Rank
Preseason 14
2 16
3 18
4 20
5 18
6 28
7 unranked
8 26
9 24
10 30
11 26
12 ??

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