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Wayne Rooney To Leave Manchester United, Could He Join MLS?

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Wayne Rooney has declared his intent to leave Manchester United, unwilling to sign a new contract at the end of the season. The striker had a falling out with Sir Alex Ferguson, and could leave as early as January’s transfer window.


Still at the top of his game, his likely targets are money buckets Manchester City and Real Madrid. Manchester United lost Cristiano Ronaldo to Real last season in an 80 million pound transfer.


However, with David Beckham representing a connection to both Manchester United and the English National Team, expect some speculation to emerge as to whether the Los Angeles Galaxy could take on the English striker. It would take a Beckham-esque contract, but with David’s contract up after next year, the Galaxy might be looking to make a move at another high profile replacement. When striker Alan Gordon was moved earlier this year, speculation was that the Galaxy were making room to take on another designated player, such as Ronaldinho of AC Milan.


It would not be surprising to see the Galaxy at least put in a bid this January.