NBA Trade Rumors: Lakers Could Deal Andrew Bynum, Pau Gasol

The Lakers will likely be a very busy team in the offseason.

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Dwight Howard Trade Rumors: Andrew Bynum Swap For Lakers To Get Magic Superstar?

Time for another round of Dwight Howard trade rumors. Because this man always wants to be dealt and he never ends up getting traded.

The current circulated trade rumors involve multiple teams that include the New Jersey Nets, Houston Rockets, but also the Los Angeles Lakers. The common sentiment is that the Magic would be interested in dealing Dwight Howard if they could somehow get Andrew Bynum back. Orlando getting perhaps the second best center in the league in exchange for the first would soften the blow. Howard for Bynum would probably be the best deal on the table for either side.

Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports files this report with further details on how teams are pursuing Bynum, particularly the Lakers.

While the Lakers have yet to make a direct offer, there's no scenario where Orlando would move Howard to the Lakers without getting back Andrew Bynum, L.A.'s 24-year-old All-Star center. Pau Gasol wouldn't fit the Magic's desires to rebuild with young players and draft picks.

The Lakers had been willing to part with Bynum for Howard in March, but those talks ended when Howard decided to decline his early termination option and remain under contract through the 2012-13 season.

Talk about Bynum and Howard with Lakers fans over at Silver Screen and Roll, and with Magic fans over at Orlando Pinstriped Post.

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Pau Gasol Trade Rumors: Memphis Grizzlies Taking A Look

Pau Gasol of the Los Angeles Lakers will pop up in about a trade rumor every day or so. It's the nature of the universe that his name is brought up--even though he's heading toward the downside of a successful NBA career, he's still one of the best offensive weapons out there and has great skill. The Lakers probably need to improve a bit though, and he's the player that is the one that other teams should be interested in obtaining.

The New York Daily News files this latest trade rumor that would involve Gasol's first team in the NBA, the Memphis Grizzlies.

The Lakers are committed to moving Pau Gasol — the fall guy for their second-round ouster against the Thunder and previous playoff failures — even if they have to take back less talent. As long as Heisley retains the Grizzlies, Memphis will always have interest. Heisley has always wanted to bring Gasol back, pairing him with his brother, Marc.

There are issues, namely with how Gasol would fit in Memphis and whether the Lakers would like the pieces they get back. Matt Moore of CBS Sports explains.

Gasol is arguably the best player of the four involved, but not for Memphis. Memphis' identity has been forged in toughness, grit, and defensive attitude, three things that the elder Gasol is, shall we say, not known for. It's not a bad thing, it's a stylistic thing. There's just no reason to bring Gasol in for Gay, since you'd be bringing in an older player who clashes with the two you already have on roster. There's no reason to trade Marc Gasol for his brother because the younger one does more of what the Grizzlies need. And there's no reason to trade Zach Randolph for Gasol because it's been his attitude and leadership that has helped the Grizzlies to legitimacy.

This could be a tough deal for the Lakers to pull off, and it might not really work for anyone.

Talk about the possibility of Pau being moved to Memphis with Grizzlies fans over at Straight Outta Vancouver. Talk about a Pau trade to Memphis with Lakers fans by going to Silver Screen and Roll.

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Pau Gasol And Andrew Bynum Only Trading Chips For Lakers, According To Ettore Messina

The Los Angeles Lakers might be reaching a point where it might be impossible to win an NBA championship with the roster as currently constituted. Kobe Bryant and Pau Gasol have likely seen their best years as basketball players, and Andrew Bynum is clearly the future of this team. The Lakers will probably need to retool somehow.

Most likely it'll involve the departure of one of the two Laker big men to try and get better pieces. Laker assistant coach Ettore Messina seemed to think that it would be either Gasol or Bynum (or maybe even both) who would get jettisoned if it came to rebuilding the team. Since it's unlikely the Lakers would let go of Bryant, it's the two big men who would likely have to be dealt to rebuild Los Angeles back to a championship level.

Discuss Messina's comments about Bynum and Gasol by heading over to Silver Screen and Roll.

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Brandon Roy Rumors: Retired Blazers Guard Interested In Lakers Comeback?

Brandon Roy retired last season after having lots of trouble with his knees, but now it seems clear that he doesn't believe he's close to being finished. Roy is mulling a comeback, and might be interested in playing in Los Angeles.

Could it be for the Lakers? Sportando has this report.

Sources close to the player confirmed, "Brandon (Roy) landed in Los Angeles on Monday and is scheduled to leave on Friday."

During his stay in L.A. it is unknown whether or not Roy met with the Lakers' coaching or medical staff, however, he is currently undergoing a series of private medical procedures on his knees. "Tuesday was the first of a series of treatment Roy's going through. He's doing something similar to the treatment Kobe Bryant had on his right knee. It can only help," added the source.

It's clear that Roy plays the same position as Kobe Bryant, so it's hard to envisioning him coming to the Lakers in a starting role. He would most likely have to accept a backup position, which makes sense considering that his health probably would keep him from playing all the time. Although it wouldn't really solve the problems of the Lakers, it would at least make them slightly

Discuss Roy with Lakers fans over at Silver Screen and Roll. Talk about Roy with Blazers fans over at Blazers Edge.

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Deron Williams Trade Rumors: Lakers Would Have To Make Deal, Nets Would Have To Sign-And-Trade

Point guard Deron Williams is one of the most highly-coveted players in free agency. Williams could very well not return to the New Jersey Nets and might seek a team with a likelier chance to win an NBA championship.

Surprisingly, the Lakers are unlikely to play any role in trying to land Williams. Mark Medina of the Los Angeles Times has the story.

As far as the Lakers are concerned, Williams appeared well aware that the Lakers' payroll is limited.

"I know they don't have any money to just go out and sign me," said Williams, who has a player option for $17.8 million next season with New Jersey. "It'll have to be some kind of deal."

Most likely the Nets would have to sign Williams before the Lakers could have any hopes of landing him. Los Angeles has to shed salary cap to have any chance at landing a marquee free agent, meaning they'd have to deal one of either Andrew Bynum or Pau Gasol. Also, it's hard to imagine a backcourt of Williams and Bryant would be successful because of how much each of them need the ball.

Basically, don't expect Williams to end up in Los Angeles unless some crazy stuff happens.

Talk about whether the Nets should trade Williams to the Lakers with New Jersey fans over at Nets Daily. Discuss if Williams would go well in Los Angeles with Bryant at Silver Screen and Roll.

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Lakers Trade Rumors: Pau Gasol For Kevin Garnett A Possibility?

Los Angeles Lakers power forward Pau Gasol will hear his name circulated a lot this offseason with regards to trade rumors.

One improbable scenario: Gasol for hated Boston Celtics power forward Kevin Garnett. Shaun Powell of files this report.

There are other possible landing places as well. Maybe the Lakers? Garnett has a home in Malibu, and the Lakers have Kobe Bryant. What they don’t have is cap room, but that can be resolved if they agree to a sign and trade for Pau Gasol. The Lakers desperately want Gasol’s contract (three years, $60 million) off the cap and tried to trade him last summer. The Celtics, with only Pierce and Rondo making decent money, could take Gasol, although that would likely prevent them from re-signing Brandon Bass.

It kind of makes sense. Garnett gives Bryant an alpha dog complement who is just as tenacious on defense as Bryant is on offense. He'd be a willing third option to Bynum and Bryant and offense, could protect the paint, and hit the mid-range jumper that Gasol struggled to deal with most of last season. He would be on the old side, but it's not like Bryant and Garnett would be playing the rest of their time.

Gasol (several years younger than Garnett) would provide Rondo with a nice offensive partner for the next few years, and he could bring good defensive presence. Both Rondo and Gasol would be the best passing players on the team and could complement any Celtics stars they decide to bring back.

This would happen if the Lakers and Celtics ever agreed to talk to each other at any point and would even be remotely interested in doing a cross-team trade that would mutually benefit either side. Don't expect anything to come of this; think of it as a way to pass a spring night away.

Talk about the possibility of KG on the Lakers at Silver Screen and Roll. Discuss the thought of incorporating Gasol with Celtics fans at Celtics Blog.

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Brandon Roy Rumors: Former All-Star Voices Interest In Lakers

Former All-Star Brandon Roy hasn't played in the NBA since the 2010-11 season, but is contemplating a return to the game he loves, voicing some interest in playing with the Los Angeles Lakers next season. That is, of course, if they will have him.

The New York Post's Peter Vecsey tweeted about Roy's possible return, as did ESPN's Chris Palmer, though for a player who retired in his mid-20's he is certainly going to have to impress if an NBA team is to take a gamble on him.

Roy told KGW in Portland last month that he has indeed been working out again, and misses the NBA. Still a return to professional sports with his chronically bad knees is uncertain.

"In the back of my mind, maybe this is something I may do again. But who knows? It's something right now where I'm enjoying playing and not playing with the pain I had last year after going through two knee surgeries. I was never the fastest or the highest leaper but being smart - those are all little things I have up my sleeve if I do decide to play, those are all positives I do have going for me."

For more on the Los Angeles Lakers, make sure to check out Silver Screen and Roll and SB Nation Los Angeles.

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Pau Gasol Rumors: Lakers PF Denies Interest In Chicago Bulls

So Lakers power forward Pau Gasol stands a good chance of being dealt at some point this offseason if Los Angeles decides to make moves. The Lakers would be very interested in trying to give Kobe Bryant more versatility on the perimeter, and dealing Gasol might be the best possible move to get Los Angeles back on the championship-contending path.

Sam Smith of seemed to indicate that Gasol would be very intrigued at the possibility of playing for the Chicago Bulls. However, Gasol fervently denies that he has any interest in Chicago. Mark Medina of the Los Angeles Times has this to report.

But as far as dealing Gasol to Chicago? That sparks plenty of skepticism, considering it would probably require the Lakers to acquire Carlos Boozer, who plays inconsistent defense and has an unattractive contract worth $47 million. That's why Smith spent most of his article discussing how the Lakers and Bulls could make a deal involving Gasol and Bulls All-Star small forward Luol Deng (earning $12 million) as the deal's centerpiece.

"I don't know where that came from," Gasol said. "It's pointless to really worry about it. I'm totally cool with it, whatever they say. The stories will appear and then disappear on something that does or doesn't happen again. It sucks to be in that position, but it is what it is."

To talk about Gasol and his future with the Lakers, head on over to Silver Screen and Roll. To discuss Gasol and whether he'd fit in which Chicago, best to go to Blog A Bull.

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Lamar Odom Rumors: Lakers, Odom Reportedly Interested In Reunion

Lamar Odom never really was the same after being waived by the Los Angeles Lakers last season, underachieving greatly with the Dallas Mavericks before being released. Odom is drifting, and his future is uncertain in the league.

Stephen A. Smith seems to believe that they could get back together next season. He said the following on ESPN Radio (HT to Lakers Nation for the link).

"(Odom) desperately wants to come back and wants to play for the Los Angeles Lakers. Mike Brown desperately wants him back. He’s going to talk to Buss and Lakers hierarchy to see what they can do about getting Lamar Odom back."

Keep in mind that this is Stephen A. we're talking about (listen to the audio here). Let us proceed forward with this possibility regardless.

Odom's versatility was gravely missed with the Lakers when they were rolled out of the playoffs by the Oklahoma City Thunder. If Los Angeles decides to keep their core together with Kobe Bryant, Pau Gasol, and Andrew Bynum, bringing Odom back would provide familiarity, and even if someone was jettisoned, Odom could be a valuable weapon that really helps provide L.A. with more flexible rotations and better ability to defend and create from the perimeter.

UPDATE: Odom can't rejoin the Lakers until a year after he was waived, i.e. December 11th.

To talk about Odom and the Lakers, head on over to Silver Screen and Roll.

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Pau Gasol Trade Rumors: Lakers PF Interested In Chicago Bulls, Move Him For Luol Deng?

It's no secret that Pau Gasol of the Los Angeles Lakers is likely to be dealt this offseason. With Kobe Bryant a year older, the Lakers have no time to stay loyal. Gasol is a huge trade chip Los Angeles could use to get some new talented players along the perimeter.

Sam Smith of files this report that has the Chicago Bulls and Gasol thinking a lot about each other.

The interesting part, according to Lakers’ insiders, is Gasol would like to play for the Bulls. And what you hardly need any sources for is to see how he and Bryant basically can’t stand one another. It was no secret around L.A. what all those post series comments were about. "We got to be committed to each other," said Ron Artest. "This year we wasn't as committed collectively, and that hurt us a lot." Said Bynum: "We just weren't doing it together."

That was because Bryant and Gasol were constantly at odds. And that came out several times in the playoffs with the two frequently arguing on the court and Bryant again questioning Gasol’s heart.

Yes, Gasol will be 32 in July, though given his position and the way he plays he can go a good four or five years. And that’s why him going where he wants to go would be vital. He has two years left on his contract and has talked about returning to play in Europe afterwards. Unless he really liked where he was, you assume. Also, his exorbitant $19 million salary the next two seasons makes him less desirable. And it’s no secret the Lakers want to move him.

Before you think too hard about this thought experiment, remember that Smith is usually never on point with his rumors. That being said, Gasol and the Bulls would be a really intriguing match, particularly to give Derrick Rose a solid post offensive threat and really give Chicago a more diversified attack to get equally solid on both offense and defense.

And Deng and the Lakers could really work out together as a replacement for Metta World Peace and provide more defensive versatility on the perimeter. There's a lot to like about this deal on both sides.

To talk about Gasol and the Lakers, head on over to Silver Screen and Roll. To discuss Gasol and the Bulls, check out Blog A Bull.

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Dwight Howard Reportedly Will Be Traded In Offseason; Lakers The Favorites?

From the news story that will seemingly never die, the Orlando Magic are reportedly ready to trade center Dwight Howard in the offseason. Howard, who has caused more headaches in Orlando than 4,000 screaming teenagers at a Justin Bieber concert would, was reportedly the driving force behind the firing of Stan Van Gundy and will become a free agent in 12 months assuming he doesn't receive a contract extension first.

The trade rumors have been all over the place with Howard this year, but this latest report from Chris Sheridan of says a league source believes he will indeed be dealt in the coming months.

A plugged-in league source tells that the feeling is mutual, and Orlando is prepared to trade him sooner rather than later.

The source said that when Magic team president traveled to Michigan last weekend to speak in person with owner Rich DeVos, the conclusion was reached that not only was it time for Stan Van Gundy and Otis Smith to go, but Howard, too.

Sheridan also speculates that the Magic will be looking for a top-3 lottery pick for Howard (along with other players, probably) but also said in a chat that his initial pick to land D12 would be the Lakers. Any deal would have to center around Andrew Bynum, and even Pau Gasol could be a possibility as well.

This will definitely be an ongoing story to watch for in the coming months.

For more on the Lakers, check out Silver Screen and Roll.


Andre Iguodala Trade Rumors: Kobe Bryant Would Welcome Sixers Forward

The Philadelphia 76ers haven't even finished their season yet, and there is already talk about the possibility of moving small forward Andre Iguodala. The Lakers were vulnerable on the perimeter yet again before being eliminated in the Western Conference Playoffs, and it's clear that Metta World Peace is on the downside of his career. Los Angeles could use more versatility and athleticism on the perimeter, and getting a player like Iguodala could greatly upgrade the team on the outside.

Alex Kennedy of HoopsWorld has this report.

However, if the Sixers are eliminated by the Boston Celtics in Game 7, the general consensus around the league is that they’ll try to trade Iguodala this summer. Even with Philadelphia’s recent success, league sources insist that Iguodala is a player who could be moved this offseason if the right offer comes along.

The Lakers, who are looking to shake their roster up this offseason, are expected to once again emerge as a potential suitor for Iguodala. The 28-year-old would be an excellent fit for Los Angeles and solve their problem at small forward. Sources close to the situation say that Kobe Bryant would welcome the move since he has wanted the Lakers to acquire an athletic, versatile small forward for several years.

It isn't the first time Iggy and the Los Angeles Lakers have been circulated to join up. He nearly became a member of the Lakers last year when L.A. tried to trade Lamar Odom to land him (although Philadelphia ultimately turned their back on the deal).

It's likely that Pau Gasol would have to be dealt to get him. Losing Gasol would hurt, but Philadelphia would greatly welcome a strong post presence on a team still learning to flow on offense together. Gasol could be the focal point in the post and hopefully revive his career inside. It could be a mutually beneficial trade for both parties.

Lakers fans can discuss how well Iguodala would fit with the Lakers over at Silver Screen and Roll. Talk about how good Iguodala is with 76ers fans at Liberty Ballers.

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Dwight Howard Trade Rumors: Would Kobe Bryant Reconsider Magic Center?

For a long time, it looked as if Dwight Howard would be destined to leave the Orlando Magic, possibly to end up with the Los Angeles Lakers. The Lakers have the perfect trade chip in Andrew Bynum, likely the second best center in the NBA. However, it appears as if Kobe Bryant wanted Dwight to be a secondary option behind himself and Pau Gasol, something that Howard wasn't satisfied with at all.

Sam Amick of Sports Illustrated filed this report that says that both might need to concede something.

But the dynamic has changed, and it's one of shared desperation at this point. Both Howard (whose Magic have lost in the first round two consecutive years, the latest with him sidelined because of back surgery) and Bryant (whose Lakers have back-to-back second-round exits) need each other now more than ever. Howard, 26, an eight-year veteran, is still searching for his first title, having fallen to Bryant's Lakers in his only NBA Finals appearance, in 2009. The 33-year-old Bryant, defiant, as always, at the end of the loss to Oklahoma City and well aware that Father Time just got louder still, must know deep down that he'll never get that sixth ring to tie Michael Jordan as long as this Lakers group remains the same.

Bryant and Howard might be the second coming of Bryant and Shaq, but it's quite possible it'll be the only way that either of them can be assured of being title contenders for the next couple of seasons.

To see how interested Laker fans would be in Howard, go to Silver Screen and Roll. To talk about Howard and the Magic, hit up Orlando Pinstriped Post.

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Deron Williams Trade Rumors: Nets PG Interested In Lakers, Mavericks

Deron Williams is probably one of the biggest marquee free agents this summer, and while the Brooklyn Nets figure to get their shot in, he'll be taking a look at free agency at other places that have the cap space to grab him.

Williams might have another team in mind that he wants to join: The Los Angeles Lakers. Sam Amick of Sports Illustrated filed this report.

For the Lakers, Williams could be a possibility if Howard is not. A source close to the three-time All-Star said he would be interested in joining the Lakers, though it would have to be via a sign-and-trade deal. (Lakers point guard Ramon Sessions, who was acquired from Cleveland at the trade deadline, has a $4.5 million player option for next season.) The source said Williams' preference, however, is for the Nets to improve the roster sufficiently enough that he can feel good about staying put rather than fear a repeat of this season, when they finished 22-44. As for Dallas, which sacrificed its best chance to defend the title by preserving salary-cap space last summer in anticipation of this free-agent class, the source said of the Mavericks: "There's no longevity there." If owner Mark Cuban can clear enough space to sign a worthy sidekick for Williams, though, then maybe Williams would join his hometown team after all.

The Lakers could use a quality point guard, as it was clear it was their biggest weakness in the NBA Playoffs.

It's likely Los Angeles would have to part with either Pau Gasol or Andrew Bynum to land Williams, but the resulting backcourt of Bryant and Williams could compete to be one of the best in the Western Conference.

Talk about Williams with Lakers fans at Silver Screen and Roll. Learn more about Williams from Mavericks fans at Mavs Moneyball.

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Derek Fisher Bought Out By Houston Rockets, Cannot Return To Lakers

Derek Fisher will not be playing for the Houston Rockets. Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports has the report.

Derek Fisher has reached a buyout agreement with the Houston Rockets and is expected to become a free agent once he clears waivers, league sources told Yahoo! Sports.

Fisher, 37, was traded to the Rockets on Thursday with a 2012 first-round draft pick for forward Jordan Hill. Fisher became expendable after the Los Angeles Lakers acquired point guard Ramon Sessions from the Cleveland Cavaliers.

There's no doubt Fisher's best playing days are behind him, but he still has plenty to contribute. Fisher is averaging a low 5.9 points per game, although his assists are up to 3.3 per game. If a team does decide to pick him up, he can definitely provide savvy veteran leadership, draw some important charges, and nail timely three-pointers. Plenty of championship contenders out there could use a little of each to improve their team.

Fisher has only one restriction now as a free agent: He cannot return to the Lakers, per league rules regarding trade deadline moves. Fisher will not be returning to Los Angeles this season.

To discuss Fisher's buyout with Rockets fans, head on over to The Dream Shake. To talk about Fisher with Lakers fans, head to Silver Screen and Roll.


Derek Fisher Trade: Dr. Jerry Buss Thanks Former Lakers Guard After Trade To Houston Rockets

The Los Angeles Lakers made a shocking deal on Thursday just minutes before the 2012 trade deadline, dealing veteran point guard Derek Fisher to the Houston Rockets for power forward Jordan Hill. Not only has Fisher been a key member of numerous championship teams in Los Angeles over the years, but he has spent a majority of the last 15 seasons with the franchise.

The Lakers acquired a point guard in Ramon Sessions who basically takes Fisher's minutes, so it's not exactly like the team does not have a solid replacement for him, but very seldom do you see a veteran like D-Fish get traded, let alone to a middle-of-the-road team like the Rockets.

Dr. Jerry Buss addressed the deal and talked about what Fisher has meant to the organization over the years.

"I want to express my deepest gratitude to Derek for everything he has meant to this organization over the years," said Lakers owner Dr. Jerry Buss. "Few who have worn the Lakers uniform have done so with as much class as Derek, both on the court and in the community. From his famous 0.4 shot in San Antonio to his clutch performances in the Finals against Orlando and Boston when it mattered most, Derek will always hold a special place not only in my heart, but in the heart of Lakers fans everywhere."

I still don't get the move, but L.A. had some luxury-tax issues they were dealing with and this deal will help. Still, a very weird day for the Lakers.

For more on the team and to react to the deals made today, head over to Silver Screen and Roll.


Derek Fisher Trade: Lakers Deal Veteran Point Guard To Rockets For Jordan Hill

The Los Angeles Lakers made an incredibly unexpected deal at the trade deadline, dealing veteran point guard Derek Fisher and a first round pick (via the Mavericks) to the Houston Rockets for young power forward Jordan Hill. Fisher, who was a key part of numerous championships with the Lakers and has been with the club throughout most of the last 15 years, likely lost his starting job with the earlier acquisition of Ramon Sessions.

It's tough to get your head around this one and it seems like there may have been something going on behind the scenes that fans did not know about. Not only is Fisher a beloved veteran in Los Angeles, but he also is likely playing one of his final seasons. The Rockets do not have much of a chance at a title this year and it's unlikely that the franchise would make this move without his consent. Sure, it saves the team some cash through their luxury-tax bill, but deal Fisher to do so?

Hill, who was drafted in the first round out of Arizona a few years ago, is averaging nearly five points and five rebounds this season. He will provide L.A. with some needed front court depth for the playoff run.

I'm sure we'll hear plenty of whispers in the coming hours now that the 2012 trade deadline has passed. This is just weird.

To discuss the deal with other fans and to talk Lakers hoops, head on over to Silver Screen and Roll.


NBA Trade Rumors 2012: Lakers Reportedly Closing In On Deal For Michael Beasley

The Los Angeles Lakers have already acquired a capable point guard in Ramon Sessions to help run their offense. Now, with just minutes left before the 2012 trade deadline passes, the Lakers are closing in on a deal for Timberwolves forward Michael Beasley, according to a report. While not exactly the most efficient scorer on the planet, Beasley can score points in a hurry and provides L.A. with a very capable wing player.

The deal is not final and there are likely still a few hurdles to be cleared by both teams, but it sounds like there is mutual interest on both sides. Los Angeles gets a very capable wing player to assist Kobe Bryant and Co., while Minnesota would clear some room for No. 2 overall pick Derrick Williams, who features a very similar skill set to Beasley.

Stay tuned, folks.

For more on the team and any other potential deals, be sure to check out Silver Screen and Roll.


Ramon Sessions Traded To Lakers For Luke Walton, 2012 First Round Pick, According to Report

UPDATE: Luke Walton Sent To Cleveland As Part Of Sessions Deal

According to reports from ESPN's Brian Windhorst and Yahoo Sports' Adrian Wojnarwoski the Los Angeles Lakers have agreed to send their 2012 first round pick to the Cleveland Cavaliers for point guard Ramon Sessions, a move that helps them boost their talent at the point guard position; something the Lake Show has had their eye on for some time.

Sessions, the 4th year guard out of the University of Nevada is averaging 10.5 points and 5.2 assists per game in 2012 thus far, netting around 24.5 minutes on the floor.

The Lakers may soon be dealing Steve Blake back to the Portland Trailblazers as part of a three team deal, but even if they hang on to him Session will be a big help athleticlly when it comes to the PG position, especially on the defensive end as Derek Fisher has slowed considerably with age. Sessions now jumps from a 16-25 Cavs team to a Laker squad ripe for another playoff berth, not too shabby for him either.

Now let's see what other moves the Lake Show may have up their sleeves.

For more news and notes on the Los Angeles Lakers, please make sure to check out Silver Screen and Roll.

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NBA Trade Rumors: Lakers Deal For Michael Beasley Still In The Works, According to Report

As the NBA trade deadline rapidly approaches the Los Angeles Lakers are still trying to do whatever it takes to get a deal done before the buzzer, and according to the Orange County Register's Kevin Ding, the team's proposed three-team deal involving Michael Beasley is still intact, though whether or not Steve Blake is still part of the trade is unknown.

According to Ding the Lakers are trying to decide whether to send a first round pick or Blake to the Blazers, which in turn would send Jamal Crawford to the Minnesota Timberwolves and Beasley to the Lakers, but if they didn't use that pick in this deal they could possibly package it along to Cleveland in hopes of drawing away Ramon Sessions for thier next point guard.

Getting Blake's $4 million off the books for the 2013-14 season will be huge due to the fact they'll be facing severe luxury-tax issues that season, but they'll have to package it how Portland wants if they want to make this deal a reality.

For more in depth discussion and analysis of the Los Angeles Lakers, please make sure that you check out Silver Screen and Roll to get in on the action.


NBA Trade Rumors: Michael Beasley To Lakers, Steve Blake To Blazers, Jamal Crawford To Timberwolves?

You've probably heard of the three-way deal that the Los Angeles Lakers, the Portland Trailblazers and the Minnesota Timberwolves have been discussing. It would send Michael Beasley to LA to either add depth to the team's frontcourt or put the pieces in place for a big move. It would put Jamal Crawford in Minnesota to give the Timberwolves extra scoring punch on the perimeter.

The Lakers then would have to deal someone too. No one wasn't quite sure who that would be, although it wouldn't take too long to guess who it might be. Chris Haynes of CSN Northwest have their report. has learned that the Portland Trail Blazers are close to bringing back guard Steve Blake in the reported three-team deal.

A source who's familiar with the talks says "if it's not done, it sounds close."

In the deal, Jamal Crawford would go to the Minnesota Timberwolves, Michael Beasley to the Los Angeles Lakers, and the Trail Blazers would receive Blake.

If this deal goes through, the possibility of losing Blake would make you believe the Lakers aren't done dealing. There's no way Los Angeles could finish the regular season with Derek Fisher as their only real point guard. More deals (or something different from the one currently being offered) might be on the way.

To talk with fans of every team, go to Silver Screen and Roll to talk with Lakers fans, check out Blazers Edge to get the scoop with Portland fans, and hit up Canis Hoopus to get thoughts from Minnesota fans.


NBA Trade Rumors: Lakers Part Of Possible Three-Team Deal For Jamal Crawford, Michael Beasley According To Report

Yahoo! Sports' resident NBA insider Adrian Wojnarwoski has been all up in the NBA rumor mill this season, and churned out another gem earlier on Wednesday about the Los Angeles Lakers' possible involvement in a three team deal with the Portland Trailblazers and the Minnesota Timberwolves for Jamal Crawford and Michael Beasley that would send Beasley to LA and Crawford to Minnesota.

Per Adrian Wojnarowski on Twitter:

Most of the rumors surrounding the Lakers have been for Pau Gasol this year, though Wojnarowski doesn't mention what L.A. would be giving up in this trade. Either way the Lake Show are running out of time before the trade deadline passes if they want to make any moves at all. Stay tuned for more on this situation.

For more news and notes on the Lakers and their possible trade deadline movements please follow this StoryStream. For more on the Lakers check out Silver Screen and Roll, and for more on the League in general, head on over to SB Nation's dedicated NBA hub.

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Pau Gasol Trade Rumors: Chicago Bulls Want Lakers PF, Might Need Third Team To Make Deal Work

Pau Gasol of the Los Angeles Lakers is on the trading block. Stop me if you haven't heard that one before.

The latest team that wants him? The Chicago Bulls, who are stepping up their efforts. Now, before everyone panics and curses out Jim Buss, no, the Lakers are not interested in dealing Gasol for Carlos Boozer. It would be a lopsided trade that Chicago would win hands down. Marc Stein of ESPN has more.

Sources say that the Lakers, however, have limited interest in the players Chicago would be offering, starting with Bulls forward Carlos Boozer.

So the Bulls would have to recruit at least one more team to the discussions to have any shot at Gasol, sources said, with the Lakers known to be insistent on getting back at least one certifiable star if they consent to the trade the Spaniard. Sources say that the Lakers, furthermore, continue to talk to other teams about Gasol in advance.

It should be obvious why the Bulls want Gasol. He gives Chicago that second punch on offense they've sorely lacked. Gasol isn't anyone's idea of a lockdown defender, but paired up with players like Luol Deng, Taj Gibson and Joakim Noah, it'll hardly matter. Chicago becomes an instant title contender if they land Gasol and don't give too much up in the deal.

However, they need someone else to jump in on the deal, because the Lakers aren't willing to do this deal as currently constituted.

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NBA Trade Rumors: Lakers Are Frontrunners For Cavs' Ramon Sessions

The point guard position has been the bane of the Los Angeles Lakers' existence for some time now. Other point guards relish the opportunity to go up against the combination of Steve Blake and Derek Fisher. So the Lakers have looked for an upgrade and may have found one if they are willing to pull the trigger.

This is what Alex Kennedy of HOOPSWORLD had to say.

"The Lakers have been linked to Ramon Sessions for weeks and they continue to express significant interest in the Cleveland Cavaliers' point guard. While other teams have called about Sessions, the Lakers are believed to be the frontrunner to acquire his services, if they decide to pull the trigger on a deal."

Sessions is a good pick-and-roll point guard and a definite upgrade over the Blake-Fisher combination. Fisher is a tailor-made backup point guard at this point in his career so the deal would benefit all parties.

The Portland Trail Blazers' Raymond Felton and the Houston Rockets' Kyle Lowry have also been linked to the Lakers.


Pau Gasol Trade Rumors: Kyle Lowry Bacterial Infection Hinders Lakers, Rockets From Making Deal

Los Angeles Lakers power forward Pau Gasol has been coveted by the Houston Rockets for quite some time. The biggest issue is giving the Lakers players they want. They want a point guard, which would probably mean Kyle Lowry as their guy. Lowry is definitely the starter the Lakers need to upgrade that position and feel that Kobe Bryant has a solid backcourt mate.

Things might've just gotten complicated with making a deal with the Rockets though. Ken Berger of CBS Sports files this report.

The Lakers are said to be serious about trading Pau Gasol in the right deal, with the emphasis on saving on future payroll. But Rockets guard Kyle Lowry being out 2-4 weeks with a bacterial infection may have put the brakes on a potential Gasol-to-Houston deal. If the Lakers could've gotten a healthy Lowry, rival executives believe it would've eased the loss of Gasol. Luis Scola has been showing signs of age, but while he has two guaranteed years totaling $19.6 million left, that's about half what Gasol is owed over the next two seasons. In any event, the Lakers need to be aware that an obvious cost-saving trade as opposed to a basketball-upgrade trade would send the wrong message to Kobe Bryant, who is running out of time to chase his sixth championship to equal Michael Jordan's mark. "If they're going to send a message to Kobe Bryant that they're not about winning, they're about money," one league source said, "that's going to set off a whole new deal."

Without Lowry ready to go in the next few weeks, there's no way the Lakers are likely to sell Bryant on the deal. Los Angeles is in the hunt for the playoffs and they can't really avoid any stagnation from that goal.

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NBA Trade Rumors: Lakers And Celtics Had Talks About Rajon Rondo

The Boston Celtics' Rajon Rondo has been a subject of trade rumors. So has the Los Angeles Lakers' Pau Gasol. Who knew they'd be in the same one?

According to the Los Angeles Times' Mike Bresnahan, the Lakers and Celtics talked last week about a Rondo trade but the talks never materialized into anything substantial. The Lakers won't give up Rondo for Gasol and that would seem to be the only possible way of getting Rondo to switch from green and white to purple and gold.

Both players had their fingerprints on Sunday's 97-94 Lakers' win. Rondo had 24 points and 10 assists while Gasol put in 13 points and 13 rebounds.

Kobe Bryant can't wait for the trade deadline to finally pass so his teammates can just relax and play ball as told to the LA Times.

"I think it will have a great effect," Bryant said. "Guys can just go out and play instead of waking up and checking their phones all the time to make sure they didn't miss a call from their agent."


Pau Gasol Trade Rumors: Houston Rockets Pursuing, No Deal Imminent

Through the magic that is twitter and it's amazing embed function, we can track the rumors of Pau Gasol's potential trade to the Houston Rockets today as they happen in real time. Here are a few examples of how rumors are heating up.

Ok, so the Rockets are making a push. No real information there to work with. Then, of course, there was this:

Quickly debunked, or refuted, by this:

Or... was it?

You make the call. Until anything is official, we'll continue to monitor the whispers.

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Pau Gasol Trade Rumors: Lakers Still Hearing From Timberwolves, Rockets

If they do choose to trade him, Los Angeles Lakers power forward Pau Gasol is one of the best assets available for any team that wants to try and contend for a championship. He's skilled, he's versatile, he can pass, rebound and score, and he's not a shabby defender either.

Two teams are still willing to make a move for Gasol: The Minnesota Timberwolves and the Houston Rockets. Ken Berger of CBS Sports has more.

Houston, whose acquisition of Pau Gasol in the ill-fated trade that would've sent Chris Paul to the Lakers, also remains in hot pursuit of the Spaniard, sources say. So are the Timberwolves, who would like to pair Gasol with Spanish point guard Ricky Rubio. The Lakers, however, are unwilling to trade Gasol unless they get a comparable All-Star in return -- preferably one who could provide the guard penetration they're so sorely lacking.

Clearly, the Lakers have a big gap in point guard where they want to get a new player, and the only premier point guards available to deal back would be Ricky Rubio or Kyle Lowry, and neither team is likely to want to make that move. Gasol feels pretty certain he's going to stay a Laker, and based on the teams interested in this report, you'd have to concur.

To discuss Lakers trade rumors, head on over to Silver Screen and Roll. To discuss Rockets trade rumors, go to the Dream Shake. To check out Timberwolves trade rumors, hit up Canis Hoopus.


Lakers Trade Rumors: Michael Beasley A Possibility

One of the under-the-radar players that might be dealt before the 2012 NBA trade deadline is Michael Beasley of the Minnesota Timberwolves. Beasley is a strong talent that could provide great rebounding and defense for the right team in the right rotation.

Ken Berger of CBS Sports reports that the Los Angeles Lakers might want him.

It's no secret that Minnesota is likely to trade Michael Beasley, with the most interested potential suitors being the Boston, the Lakers and Orlando. The Magic are pursuing multiple avenues in an attempt to improve the team in the hopes that a long playoff run could persuade Howard to stay. If Orlando holds off on trading Howard at the deadline, sources say Beasley could be a viable piece for the Nets to add as they try to upgrade their talent to make the team more attractive to Howard and Deron Williams.

It's hard to imagine the Timberwolves trading Beasley if they didn't get a player they covet like Pau Gasol or Andrew Bynum back. Of course it would be insane for Los Angeles to make this deal if it happens this way, but would the Lakers try and ask for another player in the deal, like Derrick Williams? Minnesota would probably need to include one or two players or draft picks for the Lakers to feel placated to give up their All-Star power forward. More likely LA would try to make the deal for a backline player like Troy Murphy and sacrifice something else beside one of their top two big men talents.

To discuss Beasley trade rumors with Laker fans, head to Silver Screen and Roll. To talk about Beasley with Timberwolves fans, hit up Canis Hoopus.


Pau Gasol Trade Rumors: Lakers Star Seems More At Ease

Pau Gasol of the Los Angeles Lakers has been besieged by trade rumors this year. The Lakers are trying to retool their team to make them a title contender and place the right talent around Kobe Bryant, but it could mean losing one of their big stars like Andrew Bynum or Gasol. With Gasol being older and a surer player, the Lakers seem to be willing to part with their power forward rather than their center.

Gasol has been unsettled by the rumors, but it seems the Lakers are trying to make a proactive effort to placate the Lakers star. Ramona Shelburne of ESPN Los Angeles filed this report.

"I have an understanding of where things are," Gasol said after the Lakers' shootaround in Detroit on Tuesday, "where they stand and where he stands and where I stand. He [Kupchak] told me to just keep doing what you do, keep playing hard and playing on and from that point on, we'll see."

Gasol is too good to be let go for anything, so you have to feel if he's more relieved now, the Lakers don't have any real good trade deals in place right now. Perhaps Gasol will still be moved, but at the moment the Lakers have to do a lot more searching to find a deal that satisfies them.

To discuss the possibility of the Lakers trading Gasol, head on over to Silver Screen and Roll.


Kobe Bryant Trade Rumors: Ric Bucher Of ESPN Makes Silly Suggestion To Lakers

The Los Angeles Lakers are doing their best to upgrade their roster to make sure they have the pieces in place to make another championship run. They already have a solid core of three in Kobe Bryant, Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum, which should be more than enough to keep them in contention.

Right now the Lakers are looking for an upgrade at the point guard position in particular. They have made plenty of overtures to multiple points, but have yet to secure any deal. However, that isn't stopping a lot of pundits from making some pretty absurd suggestions.

So Ric Bucher made a really ridiculous suggestion: Trade Kobe.

Don't believe that he said it? Check out the video below.

Lakers Best Trade Move (via ESPN)

Okay, Ric. Trade Kobe for who? Ten draft picks? Dwight Howard? Deron Williams? No team is about to absorb Kobe's gargantuan contract and deal away their franchise player.

Mark Medina of the Los Angeles Times lets you know why trading Bryant is an absurd notion.

The scenario is unrealistic since Bryant has a no-trade clause and he's not exactly going on a radio tour like he did five years ago demanding the Lakers ship him elsewhere. Regardless of whether he's in the tail-end of his career, Bryant's still averaging a league-leading 28.9 points while nursing a torn ligament in his right wrist, wearing a plastic mask to protect his tender nose and tolerating neck pain. And seriously, we're talking about Kobe Bryant. Unless the Lakers just want to start a riot in L.A. and become a punch line just for kicks, there's no reason to trade the franchise player.

Even packaging Bryant for another superstar wouldn't work. Bryant's $25.24 million salary exceeds other stars' pay, such as Dwight Howard ($17.88 million), Kevin Durant ($16.32 million) and LeBron James ($16.02 million). Teams with a younger superstar will want to keep them for the long-term investment. And shipping off Bryant would fundamentally change the Lakers so much that it would have to involve a multiple-player package that would become too complicated to execute.

I'm not sure what world Bucher is in, but trading Bryant is not in the cards for the Lakers, not now, not ever. Barring allegations of him killing hobos in his spare time, Kobe is finishing his career as a Laker.

To discuss Kobe and the Lakers, head on over to Silver Screen and Roll.


Lakers Trade Rumors: Raymond Felton For Steve Blake?

The Los Angeles Lakers are trying to make a move to solidify their NBA title hopes, and that almost certainly revolves around the point guard position. Derek Fisher is quickly fading toward retirement, and can't be counted on to stop most point guards in the league anymore. Steve Blake is a solid enough backup, but he hasn't really produced at the level that most Laker fans would've liked to see from their secondary point option.

So the Lakers are ready to make a move. Chris Haynes of CSN Northwest reports on one potential deal that could make a lot of sense for them.

A league source has informed that the Los Angeles Lakers and the Portland Trail Blazers have had "exploratory talks" regarding Trail Blazers' guard Raymond Felton.

According to the source, talks have been ongoing for weeks and it is likely to involve Lakers' guard Steve Blake in the deal.

Felton makes sense. He isn't playing too well right now, but he's more than capable of producing once he gets going. He wouldn't be asked to handle the ball too much in the big-oriented offense the Lakers run, and would defer on offense to Kobe Bryant, Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum. The Lakers offense should benefit if Felton can provide them with anything remotely useful.

To discuss Lakers trade rumors with Laker fans, head on over to Silver Screen and Roll.


NBA Trade Rumors: Lakers, Rockets Not Matching Up On Potential Pau Gasol Deal

The worst-kept secret in Los Angeles these days is that the Lakers are desperate to add a top-tier point guard to run the show along with Kobe Bryant. While the team has been linked to multiple players in recent weeks with the trade deadline looming, L.A. seems to be focusing on the Houston Rockets and Kyle Lowry. Unfortunately for the Lakers, the Rockets appear unwilling to deal their young point guard and unlikely to budge any time soon.

Marc Stein of ESPN has the latest report on the rumors:

Gasol did acknowledge to that he has received a level of clarification about his status from Lakers general manager Mitch Kupchak since Bryant's speech ... but wouldn't describe it as any stronger than "some" indication of L.A.'s plans for him. Sources say that the Houston Rockets remain adamant that they won't surrender Kyle Lowry for Gasol, no matter how much they like the big man, but it's likewise still true that L.A. lusts for an elite point guard to pair with Bryant and has made it known around the league that it's willing to surrender Gasol to get one.

"There's no guarantees still," Gasol said. "The Lakers' [recent public] statement said it pretty clearly. There's no guarantees."

Asked how much he's looking forward to March 16, Gasol said: "When that day comes along and nothing happens, I know for sure I'll have the security that I will be here at least for this season. After that? Who knows? Obviously it'll be an important day in order just to put everything behind me for another month or two or three."

There is no doubt that tension in Los Angeles is near an all-time high, especially with other players like Bryant getting frustrated with the on-again, off-again trade rumors surrounding the All-Star power forward. Pau Gasol is a very talented big man and still has quite a few seasons left in his tank, but it appears the Lakers will have no problem moving him if the right deal comes along. After all, Gasol was likely gone in December before the Chris Paul deal went south.

For more on the Lakers and to discuss all their trade rumors, head on over to Silver Screen and Roll.


NBA Trade Rumors: Lakers Could Be Interested In Kirk Hinrich, Per Report

ESPN's Marc Stein wrote Friday that the Los Angeles Lakers could have an interest in pursuing a trade with the Atlanta Hawks for veteran point guard Kirk Henrich.

Says Stein:

Keep an eye on Atlanta Hawks guard Kirk Hinrich.

If the Lakers can't make a splashy move for the elite point guard they crave -- a long shot at best at this point -- and can't swing a deal for top fallback choice Ramon Sessions, taking Hinrich and his $8.1 million salary into their $8.9 million Lamar Odom trade exception is a natural move to give L.A. some semblance of an upgrade in the backcourt going into the postseason.

Hinrich has only started one game this season for the Hawks and is averaging 17.1 minutes per game, well off his 33.1 mpg career average. In his reduced playing time, he's averaging just under five points a game, also well off his 12.8 ppg career clip. As an all-around solid player when given time, both on offense and defense, the Hinrich whispers make for an intriguing trade rumor to monitor.

To talk about Hinrich and the Lakers, go to Silver Screen and Roll. To talk about how much Hinrich means to the Hawks, go to Peachtree Hoops.


Lakers Trade Rumors: Kirk Hinrich Pursued

The Los Angeles Lakers need a point guard. Anyone who thinks otherwise is kidding themselves. The team offense always tends to bog down and causes them all sorts of problems. Neither Derek Fisher nor Steve Blake seem to be satisfactory answers at the position if LA plans on winning a title this season. There's just not enough support for the big three combination of Kobe Bryant, Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum.

The solution LA seems to be interested in might be a few years too late though, and just seems to be another retread for the Lakers to pair up with Bryant in an aging backcourt.

Hinrich doesn't play too much for the Atlanta Hawks. Hinrich puts up around five points per game and shot under 34% from the field with just under 20 minutes played on average. He just seems to be someone who brings in more defensive presence for the defensive-oriented Mike Brown. But the offensive woes seem bound to continue if Hinrich is the guy the Lakers end up bringing in.

To talk about Hinrich and the Lakers, go to Silver Screen and Roll. To talk about how much Hinrich means to the Hawks, go to Peachtree Hoops.


Dwight Howard Trade Rumors: Magic CEO Alex Martins Denies Deal To Lakers

As much as the Orlando Magic have tried to squelch the persistent rumors surrounding them dealing superstar center Dwight Howard, they keep popping up. But this time, the Magic were quick to stomp it out before it got too crazy.

This time, the rumor was that the Magic had reached a deal to send Howard, Hedo Turkoglu and Jameer Nelson to the Lakers, Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum would head to the Magic and the Raptors' Jose Calderon would also come to the Magic.

But the Orlando Sentinel have Magic CEO Alex Martins confirming that the rumor is false.

The trade would be interesting all around. For one, a lineup of Calderon, Jason Richardson, Ryan Anderson, Gasol and Bynum could and would still make the playoffs in the Eastern Conference. But for the Lakers, it still feels like a bit much. What always separated the Lakers from everyone else was the depth and skill of their frontline. Trading two for one would be tough to swallow, though the addition of Nelson, even with him struggling this season, would be a major upgrade over Derek Fisher and Steve Blake.

Let the rumors continue to simmer...


Dwight Howard Rumors: Lakers Trade Unlikely Without Guaranteed Extension

The Los Angeles Lakers would love to deal for Dwight Howard. Other than LeBron James, the Orlando Magic superstar is the closest thing to a sure thing to dominate the league for most of the next decade. He's a great defender and gives players fits regardless of where he is on the court.

However, there are issues to trading for him. While the Lakers do have the pieces, it's quite possible that Howard might not stick around after this year. Steve Kyler of HoopsWorld has this report.

The Lakers could offer the most compatible package of assets in exchange for Howard, especially if a third team were involved. However sources close to the situation said that Howard to L.A. would require a commitment to stay beyond this year and Howard is not ready to do that for anyone.

That could always change in the next 17 days, but sources were adamant that having the option to choose and shape your situation surfaces only a few times in a players’ career and Howard is not giving that up because of the impatience of other teams, including Orlando.

It's potentially the Kobe Bryant issue that would keep Howard from signing. There's also the fact that the Lakers might totally gut their overall depth and make it harder for them to compete long-term for titles. The Lakers will attract plenty of talent to LA (they are the Lakers, after all), but with so much money tied into a slowly aging Bryant, how likely is Los Angeles to compete for a championship?

If Howard is to be traded, the New Jersey Nets are by far the most likely deal. But without a guaranteed contract extension in place, it's unlikely that Dwight will get traded at all. Why pick up a two-month rental that might not even get you in the playoffs? The Magic are stuck in an almost untenable position where they have to deal someone who won't even acquiesce to give the team he's traded to any sort of guarantee he'll stick around.

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Pau Gasol Trade Rumors: Houston Rockets Want To Deal Luis Scola, Kyle Lowry For Lakers Superstar

It's hard to believe the Los Angeles Lakers are actively shopping Pau Gasol. But it's quite possible that perhaps the most offensively gifted post player in the game could be moved before the NBA trade deadline.

The Minnesota Timberwolves had already been rumored once. But it was the Houston Rockets that originally wanted to grab Gasol this offseason in the three-way trade that involved Chris Paul, and it might be the Rockets who end up finally getting him.

Sam Smith of files this report.

Pau Gasol: He probably has the best chance of being traded among the current and former All-Star players. The Lakers are woefully short in the backcourt and with depth and athleticism. He was in that aborted preseason deal to the Rockets, and their interest is said to remain the most significant. The deal that’s been most speculated is Gasol for Luis Scola and Kyle Lowry. The Rockets are said to be high on Goran Dragic and Jonny Flynn to replace Lowry, and the Lakers desperately need a point guard under Mike Brown’s system. This is a deal, denied for now, that benefits both teams and seems likely to be made.

Chances of Gasol being dealt: 75 percent.

The Rockets have enjoyed the production they've gotten from Scola, but it makes sense they'd be willing to part with him to get Gasol--he's just that good. Lowry is tough though--he's been very productive and is clearly the player the Lakers want to get out of this deal. The Lakers would love to get a point guard that can produce and provide even a decent upgrade.

It's hard to see LA ever being able to replace Gasol, but if the Lakers are planning on making a trade, it's hard to do any better than obtaining Scola and Lowry out of the deal.

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Dwight Howard Rumors: Kobe Bryant Makes Trade For Orlando Magic Center To Lakers Undesirable

You would think playing with Los Angeles Lakers superstar Kobe Bryant would be enough to make you really desire a trade to LA. But it might not be enough for Orlando Magic big man Dwight Howard, who really not just wants to be on a great team, but be its most marketable star.

Sam Amick of Sports Illustrated files this report.

Though it may pain the purists, it's not just about basketball for Howard. He wants to take his brand global, to leverage the international influence of Russian owner Mikhail Prokhorov while building his brand as Brooklyn's first star. His wandering eye is enticed not only by the Barclays Center that is set to open next season, but the businesses in the booming area around it that could afford many off-court opportunities. He wants, as one source said, to "be Kobe Bryant, not be with Kobe Bryant." Of course, it's hardly that simple.

This seems to be a big sticking point for Dwight. Superman is already a big superstar, but he'd have to play second fiddle to Kobe for at least the next few years. While the Lakers might be an instant contender to win championships with Howard defending and Bryant closing, it doesn't fit at all with what makes the most sense for this team. If he really wants his own team, the New Jersey Nets are probably the team that fits what Howard is looking for.

The bright side for Lakers fans is they might not have to worry so much about losing Andrew Bynum and Pau Gasol if they can't get Howard, and they know that they'll be riding with the team they have now.

To talk about Kobe, Dwight and the Lakers, check out Silver Screen and Roll. To discuss Dwight and the Magic, go to Orlando Pinstriped Post.


Dwight Howard Trade Rumors: Lakers Exchange Andrew Bynum, Pau Gasol For Magic Superstar?

The Orlando Magic know that time is running out to try and deal Dwight Howard before the superstar becomes a free agent this offseason. They don't have much room to maneuver to try and put together a team that would appeal to the best defensive player in the league, and they know the chances of him walking are huge.

So the only alternative is to make the best possible deal. What can Orlando hope to get for Howard? Apparently, quite a lot.

Brian Schmitz of the Orlando Sentinel reports that one such deal would get Howard to the Los Angeles Lakers. But to get Howard, the Lakers might end up losing a lot.

There's a rumor circulating involving Howard, where the deal actually will come down March 1.

It goes something like this: The Magic send Howard, SF Hedo Turkoglu and Nelson to the Lakers; the Magic receive Bynum and Gasol. The salaries are close to matching up, making the deal work.

A third team, the Toronto Raptors, could be part of the deal or in a separate trade with the Magic, sending PG José Calderon to Orlando.

Could be a great deal for the Magic, under the circumstances. There are some obvious holes in the scenario or scenarios.

Losing both the Laker bigs would be a tough pill to swallow, even to get Howard. The Lakers would have their superstar of the future to pair up with Kobe Bryant, but precious little else. LA might be the one to blink first to make this deal, because giving up two great players for perhaps the greatest big around is tough to swallow.

To talk about the thought of dealing Bynum, Gasol, Howard and Lakers basketball in general, check out Silver Screen and Roll. To discuss the rumor with Magic fans, check out Orlando Pinstriped Post.


Pau Gasol Rumors: Derrick Rose Denies Pushing For Gasol Trade

The Pau Gasol rumor mill continues to churn, as reports out of Chicago Thursday were that Bulls superstar Derrick Rose recently approached team management to push for a trade involving the Los Angeles Lakers' Pau Gasol.

According to the ESPN Chicago report, the proposed deal would have sent C.J. Watson and Carlos Boozer to L.A. for Gasol, though Rose was adamant that he never did any such thing:

"I heard about it after (Monday's) game," Rose said. "That's something I wouldn't say to anyone, that I need someone to come to this team or I'm trying to get rid of someone on this team. It was all false and that's something I would never do."

Rose and Gasol are both clients of super agent Arn Tellem, who represents 40 plus NBA players. Rose and his teammates have had a great rapport, and with a 27-8 record there doesn't seem to be much need to rock the boat:

"I'm good with the teammates I have," Rose said. "I've always been saying that. The team that I have, we've been winning games, and we're not in the position to look to trade anyone right now."

So are the Lakers who look to enter the All-Star break on a three game winning streak in Oklahoma City Thursday night.

For more on the Lakers, head over to Silver Screen and Roll.


Dwight Howard Trade Rumors: Lakers Unlikely To Land Magic Superstar

The Los Angeles Lakers are starting to see cracks appear in a once proud franchise. Team management is rife with issues that could end up sinking the team the longer they go. Pau Gasol trade rumors continue to cause trouble and have frustrated Kobe Bryant.

All the internal turmoil and anarchy could end up sinking whatever chances the Lakers had of getting Dwight Howard. Ken Berger of CBS Sports filed this report.

The Lakers' front office is an uncommunicative, rudderless fiasco, and the unrest and paranoia that have been festering for years threaten to derail the team's plans to ride Bryant to his sixth NBA title while they still can. And much of it can be traced to the growing influence of executive vice president Jim Buss, the owner's bon vivant son, who has helped transform a great franchise into a steaming pool of nepotism and nincompoops.


"The other GMs know what's going on," said one of the people familiar with the Lakers' chaos. "Jim has no relationships with other GMs, and they also know they're going to be able to swoop in there and do things [in trades]. This is a real critical time. The chances of Dwight Howard coming in there are slim and none at this point."

Clearly, the Magic can't be happy. The biggest trade piece they could possibly want is Andrew Bynum, and there's no better offer any other team could make for the best defensive player in the league. So they'd look elsewhere to try to find a deal that'll get them as many pieces as possible.

Unless the Magic are stupid enough to not trade Howard before the deadline, it's likely Howard will be dealt soon, and he'll end up on a team that won't be the Lakers.

To discuss the thought of Howard not being traded to LA with Laker fans, head to Silver Screen and Roll. Go to Orlando Pinstriped Post to talk about Howard potentially leaving the Magic.


Lakers Trade Rumors: Pau Gasol Focusing On Playing, Despite Trade Speculation

Pau Gasol is doing the best he can on the court these past several weeks and months, while seemingly daily trade rumors swirl about him. Gasol has been linked lately to both the Rockets and Timberwolves, and he admitted in a recent interview it provides a good deal of stress.

From ESPN's Brian Kamenetzky:

"There's talks and rumors every day. Today I was reading it was Minnesota is really interested in trying to put a good package together," he said. "[Other teams are] calling, and it seems like things are just waiting for the right offer to come along for [the Lakers] to pull the trigger."

As he's done every time he's been asked since the failed CP3 deal, Gasol reiterated a desire to stay in L.A., but acknowledges "It's out of my hands... I'd like to make his team better and get back to a championship level, but it's not up to me." As it was in the immediate aftermath of the December non-deal when it appeared the Paul trade might be revived, Gasol said he just wished he knew one way or the other.

"It would give me some peace, or more peace," he said. "Every day I tell myself, try to let it go. Don't think about it. Have fun, be the player you are out there. That's all that you can do."

Despite all this, Gasol has indeed managed to remain focused on the court - and per that ESPN article, he's averaging 18.6 points, 14 rebounds, 3.0 assists, and 1.7 blocks a game over the last seven February matchups.

For more on the Lake Show, check out Silver Screen and Roll. For more trade rumors and general news on the NBA, check out SB Nation's dedicated NBA hub.


Lakers Trade Rumors: Pau Gasol To Minnesota Timberwolves For Derrick Williams?

According to SB Nation's basketball guru Tom Ziller, the Minnesota Timberwolves are apparently interested in Los Angeles Lakers big man Pau Gasol, and are willing to give up rookie Derrick Williams (a La Mirada High School alumni) and draft compensation to do so, according to Ziller.

The Lakers may be motivated to make a deal like this to spark a three-team trade for big man Dwight Howard, or could possibly hang on to Williams and the draft picks for themselves. Either way, the Lakers may see Pau as an expendable piece of their puzzle in his current position, more good to them as tradable material than a player suiting up for them.

Pau also was almost sent to the Houston Rockets during the Chris Paul kerfuffle before the start of the season, when it was looking like CP3 would be joining the Lake Show instead of the Clippers.

Gasol has averaged 16.8 points, 10.3 rebounds, and 1.3 blocks per game this season, and was recently snubbed from the All-Star game for his brother Marc.

For more on the Lake Show, check out Silver Screen and Roll. For more trade rumors and general news on the NBA, check out SB Nation's dedicated NBA hub.


Lakers Free Agent Rumors: Kobe Bryant Would Have No Problem With The Lakers Adding Gilbert Arenas

It wasn't too long ago that Gilbert Arenas lit up the Staples Center for 60 points and earned the backwards compliment from Kobe Bryant that Arenas "has no conscience".

But that Arenas hasn't been seen for some time now. Not since his gun charges and knee problems in Washington forced him away from the team that made him a $100 million dollar man. A trade, a lackluster performance for that team and an amnesty clause casualty later, Arenas is a free agent and that same player who said he had no conscience would welcome him into his backcourt, according to this story.

"Sure," responded Byant during Tuesday's practice in El Segundo when asked if he was in favor of bringing in Arenas. "It certainly wouldn't hurt, that's for sure."

Good Arenas boasts a 21.2 ppg career scoring average and is a three-time All-Star. Bad Arenas averaged just 8.4 points and shot 34.4 percent from the field in 49 games with the Orlando Magic last season.

Unfortunately, Bad Arenas is also Most Recent Arenas.

Arenas did however have treatment done to his knees and hips this offseason in Germany so maybe he has the same results as Bryant.

"Obviously, whoever they decide to bring in to help, that's (the front office's) decision," said Pau Gasol. "But if we could have a talented player that can help us and be effective and make a difference, we'll be happy."

If that player turns out to be Arenas, hopefully the Lakers can get a glimpse of the player who lit up the Staples Center. The other option just isn't as attractive.


Gilbert Arenas Works Out For Lakers In Los Angeles, Per Reports

As the Los Angeles Lakers return home from their six-game Grammy road trip, on which the team won three games, the team might have another player alongside Kobe Bryant in the backcourt some time soon. General manager Mitch Kupchak on Sunday held a private workout with guard Gilbert Arenas, according to multiple reports.

Arenas turned 30 years old and though he owns a career scoring average of 21.3 points per game, he has been limited in the last four years by injuries and a gun suspension, playing just 115 games in the last four seasons with an average of 15.0 points per game while shooting 38.6% from the field.

During the workout on Sunday, Arenas was said to be "slimmed down" and "explosive" per Dave McMenamin of ESPN LA.

"Arenas recently underwent a similar blood-spinning procedure on both of his knees and hips that Lakers guard Kobe Bryant visited Germany during the offseason to receive," wrote McMenamin. "Arenas was treated by Dr. Edward Capla in New York City. Capla used to work under Dr. Peter Wehling, who treated Bryant and New York Yankees slugger Alex Rodriguez."

Arenas was released by the Orlando Magic during the preseason under the one-time amnesty provision under the new CBA. If signed by the Lakers, who are over the salary cap, Arenas would have to take the veteran's minimum salary. However, as reported by Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports, there was no indication from the Lakers whether or not they would offer Arenas a contract.

To talk about the possibility of Agent Zero and the Lakers, head on over to Silver Screen and Roll.


NBA Free Agent Rumors: Allen Iverson, Lakers Interested In Each Other

Allen Iverson has fallen off the face of the basketball planet these past few years. Iverson has not played in the NBA since 2010 and spent the last year playing in Turkey in relative obscurity. It looked as if his relevant playing career was over.

Yet here's how desperate the Los Angeles Lakers are to find even a semi-competent guard to pair up with Kobe Bryant. They were willing to give The Answer a try. Stephen A. Smith of ESPN Los Angeles has the report.

Allen Iverson, who sources indicated the Lakers had some interest in as long as he was willing to go to the NBA Developmental League for a few weeks first, is not the answer. He's simply not a point guard.

Iverson isn't anywhere close to the typical guard you want running an offense at this point. He's older, he doesn't really pass the ball all that well, and the thought of Bryant and Iverson sharing the basketball would have to give the frontcourt chills. A.I. is not a fit for a Laker team that needs a point guard to distribute and occasionally shoot the basketball, not handle it only for the purpose of making plays.

To talk about the possibility of A.I. and the Lakers connecting, head on over to Silver Screen and Roll.


NBA Free Agent Rumors: Lakers Could Check Out Gilbert Arenas

The Los Angeles Lakers have a pretty good big three, perhaps the best big Three of them all in Kobe Bryant, Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum. The problem for LA is the significant drop-off the team experiences the further down the roster they go. Metta World Peace is clearly on the downside of his career, and the bench looks more ready to sign up for Hickory High than play for the perennial championship contenders.

The biggest weakness is at point guard. Derek Fisher is pretty much on his last legs, and Steve Blake hasn't been much better off the bench. It's why at this critical moment Los Angeles seems to be willing to make a a desperate decision. They're going to try their luck with Agent Zero. Ken Berger of CBS Sports has more.

Although the Lakers have publicly been noncommittal about whether to pursue the three-time All-Star, Kupchak has nothing to lose by evaluating Arenas as a potential solution to the team's point guard woes. The workout date has not yet been set, but Kupchak is said to be willing to attend depending on timing and logistics.

"The Lakers are going to take a look at him," one of the people familiar with the matter said.

Arenas as the main point guard sounds interesting enough. If by interesting you mean desperate.

To talk about the possibility of Agent Zero and the Lakers, head on over to Silver Screen and Roll.

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