Lakers Reportedly Out Of The Running For Carmelo Anthony

The Lakers may not have ever been that serious about trading for Carmelo Anthony. But whatever discussions they had with the Nuggets appear to be over.

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Stein: Carmelo Anthony 'Lukewarm' On Lakers Trade Because Of East Coast Roots

Earlier this week, the NBA trade rumor mill exploded with the possibility of the Los Angeles Lakers acquiring Carmelo Anthony from the Denver Nuggets in exchange for Andrew Bynum.

Everyone has weighed in on that rumor since, including Kobe Bryant, but the one thing that hasn’t really been reported on is whether Anthony himself would sign an extension to stay with the Lakers.

Earlier today, though, ESPN’s Marc Stein reported that Anthony isn’t exactly in love with the possibility of moving to the West Coast because he grew up in Baltimore, MD, and still has most of his family on the East Coast.

Irrespective of how serious or not L.A. is about a potential Andrew Bynum-for-Melo swap — and despite Melo’s well-chronicled bond with Kobe Bryant — one source close to the process maintains that one reason Anthony is lukewarm about the prospect of going to Lakers is because he doesn’t want to move even farther away from his family on the East Coast than he is now.

It would seem that if the Lakers are to give up Bynum, they would probably be looking for Anthony to sign an extension to stay in Los Angeles. Only time will tell, though.


Carmelo Anthony Trade Rumors Roundup: Denials For Everyone!

Stand down, you few proud Carmelo Anthony trade enthusiasts: Everybody who's anybody is saying this isn't a feasible thing we're talking about, a position which will surely change four or five times today. The LAT put a pretty pat end to the rumors Tuesday with a handful of denials from the Lakers, albeit off the record, including more pooh-poohs to the idea that Andrew Bynum's somehow involved:

The Lakers were pulled into the season-long Carmelo Anthony drama after an ESPN report named them as possible trade partners with the Denver Nuggets for the unhappy All-Star forward.

There were denials from the start, team officials saying off the record they wouldn't include Andrew Bynum in a deal for Anthony, sticking with a declaration to The Times last week that there was "zero" chance they would acquire Anthony before the Feb. 24 trade deadline.

But wait! Theres more! SB Nation's Tom Ziller throws in a new wrinkle sourced on the opposite coast:

Carmelo Anthony trade rumors will continue to circulate over the next couple of weeks, according to Mitch Lawrence of the New York Daily News, because the Denver Nuggets are interested in waiting until the trade deadline on Feb. 24 in order to drive up the price for their superstar.

Meanwhile, our own Silver Screen And Roll sighs with understandable exasperation at the unwanted circus on our doorstep:

Suffice it to say, we've rapidly reached a point where you can find an unnamed source to vouch for pretty much any set of Melo-related facts you'd prefer to believe.

You'll know more when we do. Stay tuned, sports fans.

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