Matt Kemp Contract Extension: Tied For Seventh Largest Deal In MLB History

The Los Angeles Dodgers have scheduled a press conference for Friday morning at Dodger Stadium to announce a long-term contract extension for Matt Kemp. The contract is reportedly worth $160 million over eight years, which is the largest deal in National League history and tied for the seventh largest in baseball history.

The great Cot's Baseball Contracts has a list of the largest contracts in baseball history by total value, and looking at each one perhaps we can get an idea of how Kemp will perform in 2012. For purposes of this, I am using the Baseball-Reference version of Wins Above Replacement (WAR):

1) Alex Rodriguez: 10 years, $275 million (2008-2017)

Rodriguez opted out of his previous record contract to set a new record by re-signing with the New York Yankees through his age 64 season (roughly). He was coming off his third MVP in five years.

2007: .314/.422/.645, 54 home runs, 156 RBI, 143 runs, 9.9 WAR

2008: .302/.392/.573, 35 home runs, 103 RBI, 104 runs (his 11th straight year with 30-100-100), 5.4 WAR

2) Alex Rodriguez: 10 years, $252 million (2001-2010)

Perhaps the most sought-after free agent in history, the 25-year old shortstop hit the market at the perfect time to shatter baseball's salary record.

2000: .316/.420/.606, 41 home runs, 132 RBI, 134 runs, 11.0 WAR with Seattle

2001: .318/.399/.622, 52 home runs, 135 RBI, 133 runs, 8.0 WAR with Texas

3) Derek Jeter: 10 years, $189 million (2001-2010)

The captain re-upped with the New York Yankees after the Yankees won their third straight World Series and fourth title in five years.

2000: .339/.416/.481, 119 runs scored, 4.4 WAR

2001: .311/.377/.480, 110 runs scored, 4.3 WAR

4) Joe Mauer: 8 years, $184 million (2011-2018)

Signed in March 2010 after winning the MVP in 2009, the only American League catcher ever to win a batting title, something he has done three times. Mauer suffered through injuries in the first year of his new deal.

2010:.327/.402/.469, 5.9 WAR

2011: .287/.360/.368 in 82 games, 1.7 WAR

5) Mark Teixeira: 8 years, $180 million (2009-2016)

The first baseman split time in Atlanta and Anaheim in 2008, then moved the the Yankees in 2009, helping them win the World Series

2008: .308/.410/.552, 33 home runs, 121 RBI, 7.3 WAR

2009: .292/.382/.565, 39 home runs, 122 RBI, 5.5 WAR

6) CC Sabathia: 7 years, $161 million (2009-2015)

Sabathia joined Teixeira in New York in an expensive winter for the Yankees,

2008: 17-10, 2.70 ERA, 253 innings, 7.1 WAR

2009: 19-8, 3.37 ERA, 230 innings, 4.2 WAR

7) Manny Ramirez: 8 years, $160 million (2001-2008)

Ramirez moved from a potent lineup in Cleveland to a potent lineup in Boston.

2000: .351/.457/.697, 38 home runs, 122 RBI in 118 games, 4.4 WAR

2001: .306/.405/.609, 41 home runs, 125 RBI in 142 games, 4.8 WAR

For more on the Dodgers and Matt Kemp, be sure to read True Blue LA.

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