2011-2012 NBA Schedule: Clippers Play Christmas Night At Golden State, Open At Home With Bulls

The Clippers play Christmas night in Oakland against the Golden State Warriors.

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2011-2012 NBA Schedule: Los Angeles Clippers Face Favorable Eastern Conference Foes

The Los Angeles Clippers revealed their 2011-2012 schedule on Tuesday, and their scheduled games against the Eastern Conference contains several winnable games. Each NBA team this season will battle 18 teams from the opposite conference and 48 teams in the same conference. The Clippers will play a home-and-home with three Eastern teams that combined for a .370 winning percentage last season:

Washington Wizards: in D.C. (February 4); in L.A. (February 15)

New Jersey Nets: in Los Angeles (January 16); in New Jersey (March 7)

Atlanta Hawks: in Los Angeles (March 14); in Atlanta (April 24)

In addition, the Clippers will play single games against the other 12 Eastern Conference teams, six home games and six away games. The toughest three teams they will face - the three eastern division winners last year - all come to Staples Center this season.

Home games: Chicago Bulls (December 30), Milwaukee Bucks (January 7), Miami Heat (January 11), Toronto Raptors (January 22), Boston Celtics (March 12), Detroit Pistons (March 18)

Road games: Orlando Magic (February 6), Cleveland Cavaliers (February 8), Philadelphia 76ers (February 10), Charlotte Bobcats (February 11), Indiana Pacers (March 20), at New York Knicks (April 25)

The Clippers open their regular season on Christmas night against the Golden State Warriors in Oakland.

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2011-12 NBA Schedule: Clippers Christmas Caper Opens Casual Slate


The Los Angeles Clippers announced their official 2011-12 schedule, which will feature home games against the Boston Celtics and Miami Heat. The Clipps will host two of the three match-ups against the Lakers, and have several games on ESPN to open the schedule. The Clippers are not scheduled to play on ABC this season at this time. 

While the Lakers will get five games in before New Years, the Clippers are taking it slower. Their road trip extends to San Antonio, where they'll take on the Spurs, before heading back for their home opener on December 30th. The first Laker-Clipper game of the year will be January 14th. 

The Clippers bookkeepers are certainly happy with the way that affected their series with Miami. The Clipps will host the heat on January 11th, without the expense of a return trip to Miami. They'll also host a game against the Boston Celtics without a return. The only game against the New York Knicks will be at the Madison Square Garden to close the season. 

There will be three Laker-Clipper games in total, and the Clippers host two of the three. (Jan 14th, March 4th, Lakers host January 25th). The season series against the Sacramento Kings is also a three game series, with two games in Sacramento. The many of the other Western series' are four games, including the Phoenix Suns and Golden State Warriors



NBA Schedule 2011-2012: Clippers Home Schedule Leaks

As with everything right now, the following is unofficial. But it still gives us some good early insight into the prospects of the Clippers season by taking a look at who they will play against at home this season. The official NBA schedule will be announced at 4 pm PT on NBATV so at that time, we will all know for certain who will be trying to prevent the Clippers from sneaking into the playoffs on the broad shoulders of Blake Griffin.

From the looks of the home schedule, it looks like from February 3 to March 10 only has four home games. That's a 37 day stretch. Ouch.

The Clippers do get visits from the Milwaukee Bucks, Chicago Bulls, Boston Celtics, Atlanta Hawks, Miami Heat, New Jersey Nets, Detroit Pistons, Toronto Raptors and Washington Wizards from the Eastern Conference. It's worth noting since due to the shortened season, teams from different conferences will no longer be playing each other twice. Some will, some won't and it could be the difference in a lot of team's seasons.

For more information on the Clippers, check out Clips Nation.


NBA Schedule: Clippers To Play Warriors Christmas Day, Lakers In Preseason Games

The Los Angeles Clippers are getting ready to start the NBA season on short notice. They'll start off their regular season with a nice cross-state game with another high-scoring game.

The Clippers will apparently face the Golden State Warriors on Christmas Day in Oracle Arena in the finale of five games. Los Angeles will try and make their first real bid for the playoffs with Blake Griffin at the helm, and they'll be the Christmas night highlight. Both teams aren't known for their defensive prowess, so they should be lighting up the scoreboard.

The NBA preseason is only two games long and basically acts as a warm-up for the regular season, so most teams will be paired up by regions. The Clippers will face their arena mates the Los Angeles Lakers the week before Christmas on December 19th and December 21st, with a 7:30 tip on both occasions. It'll be nice to see pro basketball back in Staples Center just in time for the holiday season.

To discuss the Clippers, head on over to Clips Nation.

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