Steve Perrin


In the midst of a semi-successful career in the technology industry, after a particularly grueling IPO followed by a popping noise that turned out not to be his last healthy Achilles tendon but rather the bursting of the tech bubble, Steve decided to take a couple months off to spend some time with his kids, ClipperMax and ClipperZoe. Finding that a life of leisure appealed to him (particularly the shall we say more flexible rules concerning personal hygiene), the brief sabbatical has now stretched into many years. To pass the time between coaching youth soccer, Brownie troop meetings and elementary school field trips, he would often bore / harass / terrorize his ever-shrinking circle of friends with endless emails about the NBA, and more specifically, his beloved Clippers. Needing a more efficient format for disseminating his brilliance, the blogosphere serendipitously appeared, perhaps through the intervention of benevolent pixies. Why should you care what Steve has to say about anything? Because he has a lot of time on his hands. Why is Steve a Clipper fan? We don't have that much time.


Clippers Vs. Spurs, NBA Playoffs Series Preview: Do The Clippers Stand A Chance?

The Conference Semifinals open Tuesday night with the Clippers facing the Spurs in San Antonio. The Clippers are exhausted and beat up, the Spurs are well-rested and healthy. Do the Clippers even stand a chance? They do as long as they have Chris Paul.

Blake Griffin And Hard Fouls

The league has a problem on it's hands with the number of hard fouls being committed and it's only going to get worse during the playoffs.

Clippers Week in Review: Hanging On To Home Court Advantage

It was another positive week for the Clippers, highlighted by a big home win over the Thunder, but also including a loss in Phoenix that featured another ugly hit on Blake Griffin.

Clippers Week in Review: Clippers Remain Hot As Playoffs Draw Near

A 3-1 week leaves the Clippers poised on the brink of clinching their first playoff appearance in six seasons, and only the fifth postseason appearance in 28 years in L.A.

Clippers Week in Review: Every Win But The Most Important One

During what was otherwise a very good week for the Clippers, they were nonetheless unable to knock off the Lakers and secure the season series from their city rivals.

Lakers Vs. Clippers: Lakers Not Ready To Cede Control Of L.A.

The Lakers won the Battle of L.A. and maintained their position as the top NBA team in town, but the Clippers didn't go down without a fight

Clippers Week in Review: What A Difference A Week Makes

The Los Angeles Clippers are on a five game winning streak, their longest since early in the 2006-2007 season, and just a game behind the Lakers for third place in the Western Conference.

Clippers Week in Review: Win Over Memphis Averts Total Disaster

The week started off disastrously for the Clippers with three losses in three nights on the road, but a solid home win on Saturday righted the ship at least temporarily.

Clippers Week In Review: Can Nick Young Fix The Problems?

Can Nick Young, acquired at the NBA trade deadline to fill a hole at shooting guard, help the Clippers get back to their winning ways?

Clippers Week in Review: Rare Win in San Antonio Is Lone Bright Spot

This week the Clippers lost three games in which they fell behind by a large margin, and then fought their way back into the game, only to come up short in the end.

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