Super Bowl XLVI: New England Patriots Vs. New York Giants

Quarterbacks Tom Brady and Eli Manning combined to throw for 10,168 yards during the regular season.

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Super Bowl 2012 Online Viewing Guide

Ever wonder why there isn't another way to watch the Super Bowl? Wonder no more! On Sunday, for the first time ever, NBC will offer a live, legal and free online stream of Super Bowl XLVI. Now you can watch the big rematch between the New York Giants and New England Patriots right from the comfort of your own laptop.

The great people over at NBC Sports have revealed that, much like all of their Sunday Night Football broadcasts in the 2011 season, the game will be simulcast on their website at at

The game begins at 3:30 PM PT / 6:30 PM ET and you can just click on over to to watch the whole thing. If you prefer to watch the old-fashioned way, the game will be televised nationally on NBC, with Al Michaels and Cris Collinsworth calling the shots.

For more on the Patriots and their Super Bowl run, check out SB Nation's Patriots blog, Pats Pulpit as well as SB Nation Boston. For more on the Giants and their Super Bowl appearance, visit Giants blog Big Blue View and SB Nation New York. For all news and information regarding Super Bowl XLVI, please stay tuned to SB Nation's dedicated Super Bowl hub.


2012 Super Bowl Odds, Money Line: New York Giants Field Goal Underdogs To New England Patriots

Super Bowl Sunday is here, and finally after two weeks of hype and hyperbole, we can get down to football. The New England Patriots, the big bad Patriots making their fifth Super Bowl appearance in 11 years and winners of 10 straight games, are facing the New York Giants, the 9-7 squad who beat the top two seeds in the NFC on the road to get to Indianapolis and who beat the Patriots at Foxboro 13 weeks ago.

This isn't the same matchup as four years ago, when the 10-6 Giants crushed the dreams of the undefeated Patriots with a 17-14 upset win. New York was a double-digit underdog on that day, but in Super Bowl XLVI the Patriots are favored by between two and a half and three points, depending on your source, per our friends at Odds Shark.

The Patriots are 9-6-1 against the spread in their last 16 games, compared to 8-7-1 for the Giants. If one was inclined to net on New York with the points, they might consider betting them on the money line to win straight up. The Giants money line bet opened at +142 (bet $100 to win $142) but is not between +110 and +123.

The over-under of 53.5 points is a number the Giants have only reached once in their last six games. The Patriots conversely have reached that number six times in their last eight games.


2012 Super Bowl Prop Bets: Kelly Clarkson & The 93-Second National Anthem

Super Bowl XLVI is upon us, otherwise known as the biggest day of the year for sports gambling. The Super Bowl is not only the showcase event of the NFL, as the New England Patriots and New York Giants battle for football's biggest prize, but also an opportunity for degenerates everywhere to bet on just about anything. Including the national anthem.

Kelly Clarkson won American Idol a decade ago, but her biggest stage will be at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis on Sunday, as she is singing the national anthem. One of the many prop bets offered by Bovada is an over/under bet on the time it will take Clarkson to belt the national anthem. The time is one minute and 34 seconds, which doesn't seem like a long time but after review it appears to be right on the number.

Clarkson, a Texas native, sang the national anthem in Dallas last year during the NBA Finals, and finished the anthem in roughly 93 seconds, maybe 92 depending on your stopwatch.

But that's not the only comp we have for a Clarkson anthem at a championship sporting event. She sang the anthem before a game in Arlington at the 2010 World Series as well, and this time she took roughly 92-93 second again:

It appears betting the under on 1:34 is the way to go on Sunday. But if that doesn't whet your national anthem gambling appetite, you can also bet on whether or not Clarkson will forget or omit at least one word during the song (a $100 bet on "yes" would net a $250 payout) or whether or not her bare belly will be showing during the song (a $100 "yes" bet here nets $300).

Welcome to the world of Super Bowl gambling. The land of the free and the home of the brave.


Super Bowl Commercials 2012: Toyota Makes A Bunch Of Jokes In Lieu Of Talking About The Camry

Super Bowl XLVI is nearly upon us, but already we can watch many of the fancy new Super Bowl ads online. For the ones that are still being kept "under wraps," we can see teasers or snippets. Even for those of us in this fine city where everything is focused on hype, buzz and making sure your project gains some viral traction, this is all a bit silly.

One of the new ads you can see is for the Toyota Camry, which -- in true "event commercial" fashion -- barely touches on actually discussing the new Camry or why it's so great. Check it out here:

For me, this commercial raises far more questions than anything. And not questions about what the features are on the new Camry. I'm racking my brain trying to figure out the practical applications for a time-traveling baby. Why is the baby itself a time machine? If you hold onto the baby, will you also be transported back in time? If the instructions are on the baby's back and you sent it to the Regency Era by itself, how is it expected to get back? You think powdered-wig guy is going to understand a digital readout? You think he is going to understand buttons?

Way to go, jerks. You made a time-traveling baby and now it's trapped in the past and probably causing all sorts of damage to the space-time continuum. Next, you'll tell me that the San Francisco Giants won the World Series in 2010 or something.

For all news and information regarding Super Bowl XLVI, please stay tuned to this StoryStream or to SB Nation's dedicated Super Bowl hub.


Super Bowl Commercials 2012: A Sneak Peek Of Sunday, Including Jerry Seinfeld And Exercising Dogs

Super Bowl Sunday is now known for quite a few things. Not only does it match the two best teams in the NFL against each other in front of the entire world, but it's also a great excuse to eat, drink and have a party. One of the best parts of the day has to be the commercials that are aired during the game, and, honestly, some fans care about the commercials even more than the game itself, especially if your favorite team isn't playing.

Fortunately for you, we have a sneak preview at some of the commercials that will be aired on Sunday.

The first is Jerry Seinfeld being, well, Jerry Seinfeld. Check it out and enjoy.

The next is of a dog. We all love dogs, don't we? They're always fun for commercials.

Pretty funny. I don't know about you, but I'm ready for an awesome day of football and commercials. We're getting awfully close to kickoff.


Super Bowl 2012 Start Time, TV Schedule, Announcers And More

Super Bowl XLVI is nearly upon us. The game will be a rematch of the 2008 classic between the New York Giants and New England Patriots. The two weeks leading up to the biggest North American sporting event of the year have not been lacking in storylines or drama. From Bill Belichick denying rumors of revenge-seeking or retirement-planning, endless speculation and nail-biting about the injured ankle of Rob Gronkowski and even revelations of the Giants headhunting a certain concussed San Francisco 49ers punt returner during the NFC Championship Game. Even if you don't personally have a dog in this fight, it's clear that this should be a close and potentially exciting matchup.

Here's all your viewing information and relevant information for the big game.

Time: Kickoff is scheduled for 3:30 PM PT / 6:30 PM ET at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, but you can bet that game coverage will begin early and end late.

TV: The game will be televised nationally on the always-classy NBC. Your announcers, of course, will be Al Michaels and Cris Collinsworth. That's right, you don't have to hear another word out of Joe Buck until baseball season.

Odds: According to our friends over at OddsShark, the Pats are very slightly favored to win, by between 2.5 and 3 points. the over/under is set at around 54.

Online Streaming: NBC will be streaming the game live, for free, at

For all news and information regarding Super Bowl XLVI, please stay tuned to this StoryStream or to SB Nation's dedicated Super Bowl hub.


2012 Super Bowl Odds And Line: Patriots Favored By Three Points Over Giants

Super Bowl XLVI offers us a rematch of one of the more memorable Super Bowls in recent memory, as the New York Giants four years ago upset the undefeated New England Patriots 17-14, ending their dream of a perfect season. Four years later, the Giants are red hot again and coming off two road wins against the top two seeds in the NFC. New England comes into Indianapolis on a 10-game winning streak, and are favored over the Giants.

Tom Brady and the Patriots are three-point favorites over Eli Manning and the Giants, per our fiends at Bovada. This is down from an opening line of three and a half points, suggesting perhaps that more money has been wagered on the Giants thus far. Both the Patriots and Giants are 9-7-1 against the spread in their last 17 games.

Another gambling option for the Super Bowl is betting the over-under, which currently stands at 55 points. That is a number reached only in six Giants games (out of 19) this season, while the Patriots have been involved in seven games of over 55 points and two more right at 55 points on the year.

For more wall-to-wall coverage of the 2012 Super Bowl, be sure to check in often with Super Bowl central at SB Nation.


Super Bowl Party Games: Gambling With Monopoly Money, Beyond The 100 Squares

Perhaps the largest holiday in the United States every year, at least unofficially, is the Super Bowl, an annual reason to throw a party and invite friends and family over for football, food, and fun. One reason why the Super Bowl is so popular is the elephant in the room that the NFL would rather not discuss: gambling. If you want to make your Super Bowl XLVI party the best one yet, here is a gambling game for you.

The most common Super Bowl gambling among the common man is the standard 100-square office pool, where each score, or the score at the end of each quarter, corresponds to one of the 100 squares on the grid, and a specific payout. This is a great and classic Super Bowl gambling tradition, but needs time to develop and to sell the squares themselves. This is best suited for offices and the workplace (assuming gambling is permitted of course, wink wink nudge nudge).

For a fun gambling game at your Super Bowl party, it is really this simple:

  • Have everyone chip in an equal of real money ($10, $20, $50, $1,000; whatever floats your boat) into the pot
  • Give everyone an equal amount of Monopoly money at the start of the broadcast (it's good to start in pregame)
  • Everyone uses their Monopoly money to bet on anything and everything related to the game or the broadcast.
  • The person with the most Monopoly money at the end of the night wins the real money in the pot (or you can split it 80/20 for first and second place, whatever split you want to do)

Want to bet $50 that the next play for the New England Patriots will be a running play? As long as someone is willing to engage, that's fair game. Want to bet $200 that the next commercial will be a beer commercial? Go right ahead. Will Eli Manning complete five passes on the next drive? Here's $60 that says he won't. Who wants a piece of that?

It may take a few minutes to get going, but before you know it your Super Bowl party will look like the floor of the New York Stock Exchange. Hopefully you will end up more like Billy Ray Valentine than Randolph and Mortimer Duke.

For more wall-to-wall coverage of the 2012 Super Bowl, be sure to check in often with Super Bowl central at SB Nation.

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